The CDC Cuts Child Covid Mortality Rate by 24% After Advising Child Vaccinations


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), sheepishly lowered COVID-19 deaths among children by a staggering 24% and removed tens of thousands more adult deaths. This “mistake”, however, was discovered by Rochelle Walensky (CDC’s head honcho), who used the data to recommend vaccines to children aged 5-7 years back in November 2021. It’s funny how it worked out.

Needless to mention, the CDC shifted the blame for the SNAFU.

After resolving an error in the coding logic, data on deaths was adjusted. This led to a decrease in deaths across all demographic groups.

Fauci and his gang have been pushing the “vaccine” on everybody, even children, just like an ice-cream seller selling Push-Ups to a fat camp. We now know that they used bogus data. We are to believe that the CDC failed to catch a “coding mistake” for at least two years. I am selling a unicorn that poops $5 dollars bills if you believe that.

According to a CDC spokesperson, the Epoch Times reported last January that COVID deaths data from CDC includes people who died due to COVID and those who died with the Bat-Stew flu.

The Honk Kong Fluey, which has claimed the lives of 921 children aged 0-17 in just two years, can be seen on the CDC website. While every child’s passing is terrible, these numbers do not justify pushing a shifty shot that does not do what it said. And masking kids during school?

What is the appropriate age to call child abuse?

According to the CDC, 460.5 children die each year from COVID. How does this compare to other diseases or actions that affect children? If we trust the CDC, it also has this information.

We can see that just as many children die from COVID as from suffocation. Perhaps masking children in school was a terrible idea?

Why are children the most affected by COVID?

The CDC removed 416 deaths from the children’s tally and approximately 70,000 deaths from all age groups. Remember: George Floyd is technically a COVID statistic.

How many times can Fauci cook the bacon before he is sent to the cornfields? Wait, that’s not it. I wrote about this last October before this latest disaster.

I will not eat at a pizza joint that makes a mistake more than once. Fauci’s huge mistakes are not to be laughed at. This replica of a doctor is the one that everyone looks to for guidance. It’s past time to get rid of the garbage.