The Climate Change Superpower of the Left


Climate change is, as we all know, the superpower of the left.

Climate change can lead to extreme heat waves or cold snaps.

Maybe that’s why left-leaning politicians revere climate change as a God.

Because night follows day, and spring follows summer, just like peanut butter follows jelly, it is only natural that the left will bring out top climate scientists to explain why the tornado outbreak is proof of climate change’s role in mass killing.

Republicans are also at risk due to climate change. They must be held accountable for climate change because of that.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D.Calif. He couldn’t resist taking aim at Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, despite his dubious record in running the shortest presidential race in history. He pointed out the places his constituents could receive help, and even the federal agency that assists all Americans in disasters like FEMA.

Rachel Vindman, Alexander Vindman’s wife, was a key witness during Trump’s impeachment trial. She threatened us with even worse tragedies if climate change is not addressed.

It’s easy to see their target audience. Scientists with no credibility have disproved this idea.

Climate change mitigation advocacy is not enough. The opposition has the opportunity to use a natural disaster to attack them.

What do you think about standing on the shoulders of people who have died to show how superior you are?