The Fake Outrage Eventually Gets Old From The Left


Did you know about the latest fake scandal from left-leaning people who are perpetually outraged at the Left?

Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R. Ky.), answered a question about alleged concerns that minorities wouldn’t be able to vote if the Democrats’ voting legislation wasn’t passed.

McConnell stated, “Well, the concern appears misplaced.” “African-American voters vote the same percentage as Americans. ”

McConnell was accused of saying the “quiet portion out loud” and that he didn’t believe African-Americans were Americans.

He literally meant “African-Americans”. He clearly said “African-Americans” as a literal translation.

This is an excellent example. The U.S. Census reports that the 2020 turnout rates were higher than 2016’s for non-Hispanic White, non-Hispanic Black, Hispanic Races, and Origin Groups. ”

McConnell will be accused of exaggerating black Americans by the outrage mob.

Give me a break.

McConnell’s misspeaking is not what people are outraged at. He stated that poor children are as bright as white children and that you cannot go to Dunkin’ Donuts or 7-Eleven if your accent is Indian.

What about his use of anti-Semitic terms, such as “shylock”, or his assertions that African-Americans are “not black” if they don’t vote? The worst part was when he said that my children would grow up in a racial jungle, where tensions have built up to the point that it is going to explode.

He did indeed say that.

Joe Biden has made blatantly racist remarks for decades, and the left has not responded. McConnell is making a point about turnout. The left goes insane.

Your fake outrage makes me cry.