The NCAA Changes Their Views On COVID Immunity Once Again


According to NCAA guidelines, college athletes will be able to count natural immunity against a COVID infection as being “fully vaccinated”.

ESPN has expanded the definition of “fully vaccinated” from individuals who “within two to five months of receiving a Johnson & Johnson vaccine or six to six months after receiving the Pfizer vaccine series, or within six months of receiving Moderna vaccine series.” (and those who were boosted) to include athletes who are “within 90 day of a documented COVID-19 infected.

In a moment I will explain why this is so important, but let’s first take a look at the rest.

Although the NCAA does not recommend it, they suggest a five-day quarantine after a positive test. Then, five additional days of wearing a mask.

The NCAA is simply repeating the latest CDC guidance. CNET published an explanation piece Tuesday on Tuesday to help people understand what the CDC wants them to do.

It is headlined ” How do you make sense of the CDC’s new quarantine guidance?”

It’s clear that things can get confusing when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention don’t give clear instructions. But after two years of experience, we are all used to it.

We’re supposed to whisper the following: The controversy surrounding COVID vaccinations of hard-playing athletes remains.

Sarah Thompson, Lead Stories, recently did a fact-check on the internet list of young athletes who died from sudden collapses, heart conditions, or heart attacks.

Although alarming enough, the list is far from complete. Thompson states that both linked articles and lists “rarely give information about medical findings, link the cause to COVID vaccines, and do not provide information on whether or not these athletes were vaccinated.”

Thompson also quotes an article from Methodist Debakey Cardiovascular Journal in 2016, long before the COVID and COVID vaccines.

Although exercise can be good for your health, there is a risk of sudden cardiac deaths in a few people with cardiac conditions.

Sudden cardiac death is the leading cause of death for athletes. According to recent estimates, it occurs in around 1 in 400,00 to 1 in 80,000.

Based on the population of athletes, sudden cardiac death can have different causes and risks. Athletes are more at risk if they are male, black, or play basketball. Sudden cardiac death among younger athletes (35 years old) is often due to inherited cardiac conditions.

This is a terrible but not uncommon occurrence.

College athletes are at low risk for COVID infections that can lead to death and have a slight increase in risk for sudden cardiac events. Why risk a vaccine that could actually make matters worse?

Although the NCAA doesn’t specifically address this question, their revised guidance suggests that they have at the very least considered it.