The Real “Great Reset” Coming Soon


President Joe Biden believes the Ukraine war is a sign that there is a new global order.  All countries on the planet would have to submit their sovereignty and information to an international group.

When former President Donald Trump was elected in 2016, prominent journalists declared that partisan journalism would replace uninterested journalism. It sounds like a common theme.

Progressives fear that they won’t have enough support during normal times to implement their policies. They believe the media and the political Left are able to work together in solving domestic and international crises.

We saw that last year: fleeing from Afghanistan, the embrace of critical race theory, trying to end the filibuster, pack the court, junk the Electoral College, and nationalize voting laws.

These “resets”, or “new orders,” always lead to stronger government and stronger unelected bureaucracies

Every normal person must quit using fossil fuels. Even though corporate jets are not necessary. However, they will be able to protect the homes and businesses of Bill Gates and Nancy Pelosi.

Hunter Biden’s lost laptop will be declared, by fiat, not news. In contrast, the fake Alfa-Bank “collusion” narrative will be national headline news for weeks.

They believe we should live sustainably, and that we should move to apartments or mass transport to have more options. Silicon Valley futurists insist that yachts be exempted from this rule. The current reset will undergo a major overhaul. Elites should be aware of this.

Hyperinflation has been on the rise. Stagflation, recession, or global depression is the only way to a happy ending. They believed in modern monetary theory, which led them to this mess. The prices of oil and natural gas are very high. This will result in the middle class being unable to travel, stay warm during winter, and cool down during summer.

Left-leaning governments in both the US and Europe deliberately limited drilling and non-Russian pipelines. They faced fuel shortages, high prices, and dependence on the most oppressive regimes around the globe.

According to the West’s Wake Revolution, it was meant to show that a world dominated by white men from the West is toxic. This is believed to be due to systematic racism exploitation.

Elites created a cancel culture in order to deplatform and shame potential exploiters and ruin their careers.

Many people are often amazed by the transformation of the West, once hostile for over 2,500 centuries, into the most desired destination for millions and millions of non-Western migrants. They enjoyed the greatest freedoms, and they were also able to prosper.

As a result of the Biden-and Davos-inspiring, “new order”, a reset reckoning is underway. It is likely that we will see a historic “No!” The return to normalcy will be made.

Legal immigration is now under control. The United States will insist on strong police enforcement, deterrent sentencing, and integration back. Separatist beliefs about the “color of our skin”, are unacceptable.

The public will continue to ignore biased, mediocre media. There will also be an increase in natural gas and oil production. These prophets will soon reap the rewards of anger from a populace fuelled by arrogance and elite incompetence.