The Reasons The Opinions You Express Run Counter To Social Medias

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Chicago Area Drag Queens March In Protest Over Police Killing Of George Floyd, Tony McDade and Breonna Taylor

Social media promotes an annoying misconception that I don’t believe anti-black racism exists in America. It’s not remotely true.

I just happen to disagree with the mainstream conventional wisdom that the primary drivers of anti-black racism are people who identify themselves or have been labeled as “conservatives.” I’ll elaborate on this point later.

It’s first worth mentioning another popular misconception about me so you will have the necessary context to understand my overall point.

People label me a conservative and assume I support the Republican political party. That, also, is not true.

I made a conscious decision years ago to avoid politics and shun any political identity. I’ve never voted. I don’t view myself as a conservative.

As a journalist, I do not want my opinions interpreted through the lens of partisan politics. I do not easily trust hardcore political people on either side of the aisle. I believe they are incapable of honesty regardless of political affiliation.

As a man, as I wrote in my initial column for Outkick, I identify as a Christian American. That’s how I want to be judged publicly.

Do my public actions glorify God and country? Do they bring honor to my parents, my family and the other people who have assisted my journey?

Trust me, I’m well aware that I have fallen short of my goal from time to time. I’ve made some awful public decisions and have some vices that have been hard to shake.

But I try to present myself and ideas from the perspective of Christian American. That’s what I believe in. I firmly believe I would sacrifice my life before disavowing Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I also believe I have the courage to surrender my life in service of my country.

People who prioritize race, sexuality, gender and political ideology as the most important will struggle to accurately interpret someone like me. They assume their priorities match my priorities. It’s a mistake.

If I had to rank, in order of importance, the common characteristics that define my worldview they would go: 1) Christian; 2) American; 3) heterosexual; 4) black; 5) male; 6) athlete; 7) last by a wide margin, I guess, I would accept the label of socially conservative.

Politics just isn’t important to me. I’m no longer athletic so that holds less value than it used to. I like being a dude.

I love being black, especially here in America. I love our narrative and journey and what it says about the strength of our descendants and the redemptive power of a constitution that guarantees freedom. Being successful and black gives me enormous confidence and contributes to my faith. I’m not bothered by the pride of white men because I relate to that feeling. I have the same pride in being a black man.

For that same reason, I won’t apologize for loving being heterosexual. It’s important to me. I enjoy it as much, if not more, than being American. I rank my heterosexuality below country because I don’t think about it much. I take it for granted. I don’t take being born here and living here for granted. The longer I live, the more I travel, the more I understand other countries and cultures, the more I appreciate my American freedoms and sensibilities.

My ranking reflects my identity and which characteristics I would most passionately retain and defend.

The ranking says a lot about my worldview. It should help explain the positions I take on issues. And it certainly explains why the opinions I express run counter to the prevailing sentiment on Twitter and other social media platforms.

My liberal friends, of which I have many, frequently accuse me of being less even-handed the last 10 years when it comes to excoriating bigots. They say I pick on the left and ignore the right.

My lack of even-handedness coincides with the invention of and rise in influence of social media. Twitter escalated and exposed the insidiousness of liberal anti-black bigotry.

Social media’s priorities are vastly different from mine. Social media is secular. Secular means an attitude with no connection to religion or spirituality. Social media is not patriotic. It’s hostile to American power. Social media is easily manipulated by foreign interests.

Social media favors the gay, lesbian and trans communities. That is not written as a complaint. I’m well aware of how much of the world favors the heterosexual community. I’m simply explaining why I’m consistently mischaracterized on social media platforms.

Social media favors the feminist agenda and the matriarchy. I am a male patriarch. I’m Jimmy Whitlock’s son.

Social media strongly favors the liberal/progressive agenda. I’m apolitical and my passion for Christianity and American patriotism put me at odds with portions of the progressive political agenda.

Here’s how I would rank the characteristics that define Twitter: 1) liberal/progressive politics; 2) LGBTQ; 3) feminism; 4) celebrity worship; 5) black liberals.

There’s great synergy to all the characteristics valued by social media. They serve one master, progressive politics. I’m trying to live a life that serves a different master, a master who isn’t even on the priorities list of the architects of social media, God.

The American media interpret the world through Twitter feeds, feeds designed to favor an obvious set of priorities. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, stated during an interview with Joe Rogan that Twitter is designed to amplify certain marginalized voices.

What it has done most prominently is amplify a racial marketing ploy adopted by liberal politicians in the aftermath of the turbulent 1960s. They cast the label “liberal” or “progressive” as the ultimate protective vest from allegations of racism and they made the word “conservative” synonymous with racial bigotry.

Racism is a standalone word, deed and emotion. It respects no boundaries, no political affiliations. Anyone who tells you otherwise is naive or intentionally deceiving you.

So here we are. An irrational racial animus inches America toward a second civil war. This animus resists logic, facts, data and evidence of America’s world-leading racial progress. Twitter and its primary user, the mainstream media, power the resistance by giving voice and credibility to an Army of race-hustling charlatans who use negative racial video anecdotes to build a following as activists, the heirs to Martin, Malcolm and Medgar.

Shaun King, a white man who poses as black on social media, is the puppet master of Colin Kaepernick and countless other high-profile athletes angling to be this generation’s Muhammad Ali.

Ali had Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad to guide him. Today’s athletes have fallen under the spell of Ralphie Dolezal King.

No wonder nine questionable police shootings of black men in a calendar year pass as definitive proof of a genocide plot operated by the Fraternal Order of Police. No wonder all the evidence LeBron James needed to say black men are hunted and killed every day and every time we step out of the house is two hillbillies shooting and killing a black trespasser.

Social media empowers frauds and imposes an anecdote-driven worldview on the public. We eschew the bigger picture, a sophisticated look at our plight and lose our emotions in whatever negative anecdote fraudulent influencers place on our feeds.

Shaun King is the Evening News’ Walter Cronkite impersonating 60 Minutes’ Ed Bradley.

Pot-stirrers serve as our most trusted newsmen.

No wonder a man serving a seven-year prison sentence for child endangerment, released from prison early because of COVID-19 can become a heroic martyr if killed by the white cop.

Rayshard Brooks got liquored up, drove to Wendy’s, fell asleep in the drive-thru lane, failed a sobriety test, resisted arrest, fought with the cops, took a taser and fired it at police. A cop shot and killed him as he ran away.

This, somehow, turned into another flaming example of police misconduct that justified rioting and looting.

A respected reporter from 60 Minutes tweeted: “What if we lived in a world where the officers would just order Rayshard Brooks an Uber to make sure he got home safely?”

The tweet has more than 125,000 likes and 21,000 retweets.

We want the police to hand over drunken felons to Uber drivers? Should the Uber driver see Rayshard Brooks into his home and tuck him in bed, too? Should taxpayers pay for Rayshard’s Uber ride? What other perks should we offer drunk drivers?

This feels like orchestrated insanity. Unfortunately it’s something worse. I’ve heard conservative commentators call it the “soft bigotry” of low expectations. It’s not soft. It’s lethal bigotry.

Liberals — white and black — are imploring black people to adopt behaviors that lead to our destruction.

Black Lives Matter is pushing the idea of defunding and/or disbanding the police. It’s lunacy. Violent crime rates, including murder, will and are skyrocketing in black inner-city communities where police face such a toxic level of hostility it’s impossible for them to effectively do their jobs. The adverse ramifications of the solutions advocated by BLM are so obvious that only an anti-black bigot would support them.

No responsible parent would instruct their child to argue and fight with the police. There are no positive outcomes from arguing and fighting with the police. None.

I was bothered when LeBron James tweeted to his more than 46 million Twitter followers that Ahmaud Arbery’s death was evidence that black men are hunted and killed every time we leave the house. LeBron used the word “literally” to set up his point. To use a liberal pet phrase, LeBron’s tweet was a “dog whistle” for rioting and violence. If you believe you are hunted every time you leave the house, you are justified in turning violent.

With 40 million Americans newly unemployed because of COVID, LeBron’s tweet was the most irresponsible public statement uttered in 2020.

Hardly anyone objected.

It’s eerily similar to the silence of liberals any time a black man is murdered by a non-white perpertrator. Black-on-black murder has been normalized to the point that it is celebrated, danced to and promoted in hip hop music.

If you question the sanity of this normalization, you are shouted down via social media as a racist, a coon or a Trump supporter. If you question Planned Parenthood’s love affair with the black community and the astronomical abortion rate of black babies, you are shouted down via social media as a racist, a coon or a Trump supporter.

Anti-black racism is pervasive. It’s liberal America’s politically-motivated racism of choice.

Their silence on their anti-black racism is violence.

Author: Jason Whitlock