The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Isn’t Going to Be That Easy


The Russian invasion of Ukraine is not going as smoothly as Vladimir Putin believed it would.

We have already noted that they are currently facing tough fighting from the Ukrainians as well as thousands upon thousands of Russian protestors who have come out against the war. This is quite remarkable considering Russia’s oppressive situation and the possibility of immediate retribution. Protesters still came out.

The Ukrainians fought back to retake an airport that the Russians had taken. Russia won’t be able to do what they want because they haven’t achieved the goal that it had set for itself by now, which was to seize all airports.

This observation can be seen by the UK Ministry of Defense. It is worth noting that the Ukrainians have stopped the advance of Russians at least in one location.

They also claimed to have destroyed a Russian plane using ground fire.

Reports also mention the heroic defense of Ukrainian border guards. They were protecting an island in the Black Sea. Russian forces ordered them to withdraw from their defense. The 13 guards sent this clear message to Russia: F**k yourself.

The Russians bombed the island and were believed to have killed all guards. President Volodymyr Zelensky gave praise to the guards and stated that they would be posthumously honored with medals as Heroes of Ukraine.

Zelensky also stated that a large portion of the population has been armed to defend the country.

If this report is correct, it may also be a problem for Russia to attack Ukraine. Multiple reports claim that Russians captured in Ukraine say they weren’t told what their mission was.

Some captured 11th Guards Air Assault Brigade soldiers claim they weren’t told. They would be attacking Ukraine. They thought they were on a training mission to Crimea but were dropped in Ukraine. This seems difficult to believe and maybe a cover story. If that were true and Putin had his military hoodwinked to get them there, it’s not the greatest cover story. This makes it seem like they might not have everyone on board — unlike the Ukrainians who are willing to defend their country.