The Second Night Of The DNC Was Somehow Worse Than The First


Joe Biden accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination in what might have been the most awkward, unexciting way possible.

After a Democratic official announced that Biden had won a majority of the party’s delegates, the virtual event switched over to the high school library where Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, waited. This segment was obviously live because the transition was so clunky that viewers had to watch the two stand there smiling awkwardly while stringed confetti fell from the ceiling.

But don’t worry. Democrats made sure to include prerecorded applause from multiple guests, switching back and forth from the shot of the Bidens to a screen filled with floating heads and awkward clapping. And all the while, Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” played in the background, as if to remind voters that Biden is from an era most of them can’t remember.

I cannot emphasize this enough: The production value of this event has been horrible. It’s a wonder anyone is taking it seriously. The staged applause was cheesy, and the transitions were so cumbersome that even the Bidens looked uncomfortable. The viewers clearly felt uncomfortable too because the ratings from the first night of the convention were abysmal.

This is supposed to be the “most important election of our lifetime,” according to the Democratic Party. But Democrats seem determined to spend the next four nights convincing us otherwise by subjecting voters to a ridiculous virtual infomercial that looks like it was thrown together on Microsoft PowerPoint.

And I keep wondering: Why? What was the point of this? Because if this convention was supposed to help Biden bridge the enthusiasm gap among on-the-fence voters, the Democratic Party had better hope they didn’t tune in to watch.

Author : Kaylee McGhee

Source : washingtonexaminer : The second night of the DNC was somehow worse than the first