The Wife Beater In Chief

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In an earlier iteration of my singleness I once seriously courted a young woman from Eastern Europe. I traveled to her home country twice, spent lots of time with her ethnic community in Chicago—especially her family.

Her oldest brother once told me this joke: Three women, one each from the USA, France, and his home country in Eastern Europe once traveled to a women’s rights conference. Upon conclusion of the conference they went home and told their husbands not only how much they had learned but also how much things were going to be different going forward. The following year they regathered at the conference to swap notes. The American woman said that she had communicated all that she had learned and that her husband not only apologized but began to take on many more responsibilities at home. The French woman relayed that it took her man longer but that over time she was happy to report better cooperation and deeper appreciation by her husband for the things she did day to day. The Eastern European woman said that she had gone home with a strong message that things needed to change and that she just wouldn’t be able to accept the status quo any longer. The American and French women asked her if she had seen any change. To which the European woman is said to have replied, “I saw nothing for at least two weeks. But then… The swelling in my right eye went down some and I began to see a little bit better.”

My amore’s sibling then let out the most howling laugh I’d heard in years.

I didn’t laugh. It wasn’t funny. And I told him as much.

Within four years that man”s wife had left him. I have no idea to this day if it was because of such vile behavior.

I mention that story to tell you this. Spousal abuse is heinous because it not only destroys an innocent person—but over time it often conditions the abused to believe that this is what they deserve.

Unequivocally: It never is!

Which is why the open abuse that the administration is administering against we the people is not only so vile, but recklessly dangerous.

This administration is openly pummeling the people it should be accountable to, and I fear the nation is being conditioned to believe that they deserve no better.

We are told by *President Husband that we shouldn’t complain that he leaves the back door unlocked (to the southern border) every night. Despite all the people who help themselves to our property, resources, and land. He tells us that we are the ones who are the problem—simply because we want to sleep in peace and not be taken advantage of.

Another on his team—a guy running for Governor in Virginia—tells us we have no real right as a parent to know what our kids will be taught in schools. Others within their fold want our kids to report on us if we say or do certain things that they deem inappropriate

They gaslight us when we ask about national security and they demand unquestioned loyalty as it pertains to their judgement of which groups of radical Muslims they let in. Then they turn around and berate us at the dinner party when we simply say that Israel should have the right to defend themselves from radical Islamic missiles falling from the sky to burn them and their children.

Speaking of gaslighting — they do this all the time! They tell us that there is no such thing as inflation even though basic household needs like lumber and copper were over 400% higher in price since his arrival in the White House. They gaslight us on taxes, telling us if “taxes are our thing,” then their area of the nation isn’t for us.

On CoVid they gaslit us in the campaign—telling us they didn’t trust the vaccine. Now they are literally attempting to force employers to fire people who took that very advice. In fact the *President has now gotten his 3rd shot. That’s a lot in less than one year.

When he botched Afghanistan—like most abusers—he took offense at having his mistakes pointed out. And as the living survivors gathered their bodies he stood over them impatiently checking his watch every time a body would pass by. But why had those 13 Americans died? Because of his own reckless policy and pride.

An abuser will oftentimes seek to blame his victim. To that end those that have questions about his grabs for power get labeled. And instead of becoming more transparent and opening up, he doubles down with the jackhammer.

An abusive relationship prevents healthy and needed communication and accountability. Abusers will oftentimes literally turn their back and walk out of the room when they don’t like the question. A practice the *President has perfected.

An abuser also attempts to manipulate and control the means and methods of accountability. Court packing, pre-selected questions, irritability when questions get asked that aren’t on point all qualify. This last week trying to attempt to pass in the 3.5 trillion infrastructure fiasco the “subsidizing of journalism” — when the administration would annually dole out $50k to pre-approved news organizations per reporter to outlets they believe were worthy.

Abusers also continue to abuse until the victim or their advocates finally disallow their abuse to continue any further.

We are at the minuscule beginning of that stage. But getting Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom removed from office has proven more difficult than first thought in part because the abused largely overlooked the abusers’ long histories.

Abusers are also narcissistic. Back during the campaign when asked about the Democratic party’s aggressively leftist agenda, candidate Biden replied, “I AM the Democrat party!” Yet the question was not only prescient but fair given that no one imagined the dumpster fire of leftism one party could install in every area or issue they’d touch in less than a year.

Abusers will even attempt to lock out their victims — just like putting up gestapo fencing around the people’s Capitol.

The evidence is clear the administration has brutally abused the American people. The abuse has been unrelenting.

The question is, how long will it take for the swelling in our vision to subside for us to begin the process of stopping the perpetrator!

Author : Kevin McCullough

Source : Town Hall : The Wife Beater In Chief