The Woke Liberal Assault On Female Athletes Is A Travesty

Stephen KruiserMarch 10, 202110min

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Honestly, I’m exhausted from oppressing Meghan Markle.

I’ve been working on ways to reintroduce frivolity into American life. Terminal seriousness is ruining lives. Yes, we need to address some things in a serious fashion, but we are a year into chronic levels of gloom and doom.

There is no point in staying alive if all you’re doing is freaking out about death.

This is a news briefing, however, and I do have to cover some serious topics.

There are very few things in politics anymore that get me angry. For those new to the Briefing, I actually wrote a book about not letting politics get to me. Today, however, I’m going to go over one of the few things that does bring me close to a boiling point: the Democrats’ transgender fetish, specifically as it applies to women’s athletics.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, which is another one of those secular “celebration” days that’s supposed to give meaning to an increasingly detached and empty society. Yes, women should be celebrated, but these days filled with social media posturing and platitudes are not as deep as the Left likes to think they are.

There is also the fact that the progressive obsession with all things trans makes them completely full of crap when they try to say they’re champions of the female cause.

Yesterday, President Puppet decided to show the ladies that he’s totally in their corner by doing what bureaucrats love doing best: creating another level of bureaucracy to address the issue. Tyler has more:

President Joe Biden pulled out all the stops for International Women’s Day on Monday, but he arguably undercut women’s advancement while paying lip service to it. He issued a glowing statement about women’s empowerment, launched a Gender Policy Council, and signed an executive order barring “sex discrimination” — including discrimination on the basis of gender identity — in public schools. On one hand, Biden celebrated women’s advancement, and on the other, he forced schoolgirls to share bathrooms and sports teams with biological boys.

The council is there to continue the false narrative that the entire American system is somehow rigged against the womenfolk. Cool story, bro, if you’re telling it around a campfire in 1965. Are things perfect here? No. But the liberal penchant for pretending that American society hasn’t evolved at all in the last 50 years is really, really, getting old.

There is always a big, ugly devil in the details of leftist feel-good political initiatives, though. Put more succinctly: if there’s a way to make things worse, the Democrats will find it.

Tyler again:

Yet as he made this important declaration, the president also arguably helped erect one of the “systemic obstacles” undermining “women’s potential.”

The president signed an executive order “Guaranteeing an Educational Environment Free from Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, Including Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.” While he had already signed an executive order to a similar effect in other arenas, this order specifically directs the Department of Education to require schools to enforce transgender ideology in order to receive federal financial assistance under Title IX.

Preventing “discrimination” on the basis of “gender identity” involves requiring schools to allow biological males to use girls’ restrooms and to open girls’ sports to biological males who enjoy the benefits of higher levels of testosterone and larger body size.

One of the ways society has evolved greatly, even since I was a kid, are the opportunities for girls and women in high school and college athletics. The Democrats’ trans lunacy in the name of gender equity unravels all of that. Like, immediately.

I’ve been writing about this for a while because my daughter is an athlete. She ran cross country and track in high school and college. I know how much singular devotion she had and how much effort she put in for eight years. She worked 24/7 to maintain peak performance. All of that would have been for naught if she had ever had to line up against a biological male in a race.

It is virtually impossible to take the Democrats seriously about opportunities for females when they’re telling female athletes that their hard work isn’t as important as the woke cred of the party.

What the woke Left is doing to young women who spend a lot of their youth devoted to sports is unconscionable. These people are evil. Even if a young female athlete doesn’t end up facing a biological male she’s always thinking that she might. How many young girls with athletic talent will be discouraged from ever getting into sports in the first place? The lessons my daughter learned from running about focus and self-discipline are constantly guiding her now that she’s a young adult. I would have hated for her to miss out on that opportunity because she was discouraged by 6’2″ Charlie identifying as Charlene in high school and deciding to run girls cross country.

In an actual celebration of opportunity for girls and women, Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota promised to sign a bill that is about to hit her desk, which protects female athletes. Tyler also wrote about that:

On Monday, the South Dakota Senate passed H.B. 1217, “an act to promote continued fairness in women’s sports,” 20-15. It passed the state House last month, 50-17. Noem announced she would sign it.

“In South Dakota, we’re celebrating [International Women’s Day] by defending women’s sports! I’m excited to sign this bill very soon,” Noem announced on Twitter.

The bill states that “a team or sport designated as being female is available only to participants who are female, based on their biological sex.” The bill would allow athletes to sue if administrators deny their rights to fair competition by allowing males to compete in girls’ or women’s sports.

On this issue, the Democrats are beyond insane. It’s nice to see that it’s not catching.

Author : Stephen Kruiser

Source : Pj Media : The Morning Briefing: The Woke Liberal Assault on Female Athletes Is a Travesty