There is No Point in Punishing Will Smith Since Lefts Love Violence


By now you’ve probably seen or heard about Will Smith smacking comedian Chris Rock over a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair. Jada has Alopecia, which causes extreme hair loss and she had shaved her head because of the condition, so Will didn’t think the joke was funny. In case you missed the altercation, here it is. Watch Smith arrogantly strut his way back to his seat like a pimp when he is done bitch smacking Chris Rock — because words hurt, I guess?


Next, watch as the Hollywood lefties stand ovation Smith. Smith claims he is a vessel of love and attributes the industry’s humiliation to his inability to control people.

This tweet from a blue-check account isn’t concerned with condemning Smith for his violence.

Millions of kids watched a movie star smack a comedian and him being cheered on when he brought home a trophy. It’s not surprising. The left has been involved in a long-standing love affair with violence.

These are just a few examples.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan saw armed thugs of Antifa/BLM seize a section of her city. Durkan described it as “summer love” with a lot of love. ”

It’s difficult to forget about #StopAsianHate, which the left started pushing but stopped supporting after realizing that white supremacists were responsible for 85% of the horrible attacks and murders.

Frank Abrokwa was the second victim. After rubbing his feces onto a woman’s forehead, he was instantly released.

It isn’t a hate crime but it’s not something I know of. Abrokwa was banned from skating because of “bail reform” laws. He says that he was right for smearing yesterday’s lunch on the lady’s faces and that he would shoot and bomb it if he’d had.

The left ignores violence that does not support its narrative or casts its politically preferred constituents in a negative light. There are many videos, stories, and images about mass violence online that don’t seem newsworthy to the left.

Although the article in the Miami Herald does not condemn violence at the 2022 “Urban Beach Week”, it points out that blacks needed a pass to visit the beach in 1936. This is still relevant today.

What if we don’t condemn it? We can also expect to see more of it.

BLM and Antifa caused damage of $1 billion to $2billion. A culture that doesn’t condemn or punish violence invites it more. There appears to be some disagreement about whether Smith should be punished for his thuggery.

Judd Apatow (director), a comedian who began his career as a comedian, seems to think Smith’s lazy behavior unacceptable. Judd Apatow also criticized Smith’s outburst as “pure out of control rage and violence”. “Seems to me that Will Smith’s plan to have comedians and everyone else not make fun of him doesn’t work.”

I will closely monitor the comedy circuit to see if Smith’s rage continues to fuel attacks against comedians by people who can’t think straight about jokes.