They’re Going To Sing Like Canaries: Flood Of DOJ Employees Expected To Expose Trump After Rosen Revelations

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Taking part in a CNN panel discussing former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen’s weekend testimony about Donald Trump’s efforts to subvert the 2020 presidential election results, conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter predicts the floodgates will now open with other DOJ staffers coming forward.

On Saturday, Rosen testified before a bipartisan collection of lawmakers and their aides for seven hours, with Sen. Dick Durbin (R-IL) saying the former DOJ official handed lawmakers a wealth of information about the former president’s maneuverings after losing the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

Discussing what will happen next, Carpenter — a former top aide to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)– said Rosen’s testimony, and the fact that the DOJ has stated it will not block any employees from coming forward, means a lot more details about Trump’s backroom dealings are in the offing.

“Jeffrey Rosen is talking,” New Day host John Berman began. “The former acting attorney general who was running the Justice Department in the days before the insurrection, isn’t just talking but wanting to talk. wanting to give information at this point. What’s the significance about what we’re hearing?”

“I mean, I think it just shows how dedicated Donald Trump was to this effort,” Carpenter began. “If you don’t mind me looking back a little bit, I’m a little frustrated because this would have been very relevant information during the second impeachment trial. Clearly you have people who were willing to talk and maybe they just needed the cover of the DOJ ruling saying they would be free to do so, but the second impeachment was really — this is the same as the first.”

“It’s Donald Trump abusing official resources in order to get his way politically and stop Joe Biden from becoming president,” she continued. “I mean, it’s clearly a pattern here and so, I am very thankful that we have a January 6th select committee because I’ve got to believe there are many more people like Rosen. So once they have this legal, clear pathway in order to talk, they’re going to sing like canaries.”

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Author : Tom Boggioni

Source : Alter Net : ‘They’re going to sing like canaries’: Flood of DOJ employees expected to expose Trump after Rosen revelations