This Democrat Is Using Racist Tropes To Pass Her Bill


In Washington State, a Democrat bill that would require kayakers and paddleboarders to wear life vests has been approved by the legislature. Although it’s not exactly man biting dog, you won’t want to miss the insaneness that ensues.

The House Bill 201707 Democrat lawmaker has never paddle boarded, and she doesn’t even know what she is talking about. But let’s forget that for a moment. Instead, let us enjoy the absurd reason she exempted some people from being punished under her stupid bill.

Jason Rantz, KTTH Seattle talk show host, reported that Cindy Ryu, State Representative, exempted native Americans of the requirement that kayakers and paddleboarders “brave” wear life vests. This is because native Americans don’t drown.

During a Zoom meeting, the clueless Democrat explained that tribal members were exempted from the bill because they “are either traditionally very familiar with our cold waters, essentially or are closely supervised.” She was beaming at the Zoom gathering as she seemed to have finally completed her long-running efforts to pass it. Years in which she had apparently never paddle boarded or kayaked to avoid the embarrassment.

We will pause for a moment to say that I have never seen a kayaker with a life vest and that my home is surrounded by water regularly filled with kayakers. These two items are like peanut butter and jelly, or peas & carrots. Kayaks can roll people underwater and plunge them into the water all day. If you don’t have one, you’re crazy.

This bill is an attempt to find a solution to a problem.

Ryu is not the only one who suffers.

Cyndy Jacobsen (Republican State Representative) was concerned about the bill of her Democratic counterpart. In her wind-up, she stated that “So I’m trying to understand this.” She said, “It states, on a stand-up paddleboard wearing a connector leash, you’re exempt.” Ryu’s bill says that one must comply with federal flotation device regulations. Jacobsen tried to clarify the conflict. “I don’t use a flotation device to paddleboard. She asked if she was curious about the meaning of that.

The Democrat did not have any answers to the conflicting laws. Ryu stated that although she doesn’t have any information about the conflict, given that she has only years of research time, others will. Please vote “yes” right now.

Ok, let’s see what she actually said. It was worse. “What I understand –I’ve never paddle boarded.” I have seen it done and admire their courage. They are required to use a flotation device …”, which was her main reason for requesting the bill.

The Republican was assured by her that she would “have staff investigate” the obvious questions she had spent years researching.

Staff summary of testimony appeared to be focused on an equity issue because males tend to wear personal flotation devices more often than females. Although there was no summary, strong data supports the effectiveness of policies that require life jackets to be worn.

Jacobsen was offered by Ryu — as if she were sharing a secret treasure. Ryu explained that if one is attached to the paddleboard leash one is exempted from wearing a safety vest.

Isn’t this amazing? She’s also generous!

All commercially available paddleboards include a leash that attaches the rider to it. The leash can be used to pull the paddleboard towards the rider, just like with surfboards.

Here’s what we learned from Cindy Ryu, Democrat state representative and this bill. She isn’t aware of the extent that kayakers and paddleboarders use personal floating devices, even though she has spent years researching this. According to her, Koreans don’t drink water. Native Americans have lived without water for centuries, which is well before recorded history. Rantz, a CDC official, notes that Native Americans have the highest number of drowning deaths among any racial group in the United States.

Ryu might as well have stated that black men can’t swim, and white men can not jump.

Unfortunately, for logic, reason, and people sick of government meddling it was passed with a “do not pass” recommendation. It was opposed by all Republicans. It will be voted on by an even larger number of Democrats, who will likely vote for it. This is similar to how schools grade students to a higher grade but they are not able to do math or read.