This Should Be Proof That Capitol Police Entered Rep. Nehls’ Office


In response to a complaint by Rep. Troy Nehls (R.Texas), claims that the USCP illegally entered and took photographs of his office. Later, he was interrogated by his staff.

Manger stated that “The weekend prior to Thanksgiving, one of our vigilant officers saw the Congressman’s front door was open.” Manger added that it is the USCP’s responsibility to document and secure the office.

This explanation has one problem:

An automatic closer is installed on the door to Nehls congressional office suite. It is possible that the door was opened by Nehl and his staff. It is unlikely that this is possible since the sign on the door says it is only for the member and his staff. This door would not be left open by Nehl or his staff. This could also be a violation of the local fire code. Manger also didn’t mention that the door was open in any other way, which would have been suspicious.

Manger’s explanation is definitely suspect.