Totalitarian Wokeness Cost Liberals Their Common Sense


In The Bonfire of the Vanities, novelist Tom Wolfe wrote if a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged, then a liberal is a conservative who has been arrested. But then, what name would he give to the path of disillusionment Maud Maron, like many others, is now treading?

A far-left career activist, Bernie Sanders supporter, and one-time research assistant for Black Panther Party activist Kathleen Cleaver, Maron has been unjustly hounded out of her career defending indigent criminal defendants in New York City.

Why? Because she believes her life is defined by more than just her pale-colored skin. For this, a few fanatical peers and colleagues have attempted to ruin her personally in the name of enforcing the dogma of racial essentialism and critical race theory.

Bari Weiss — a liberal purged from the New York Times due to the politically correct and antisemitic attitudes of a few of the newspaper’s young, totalitarian-minded, and “woke” staffers — relates on her Substack blog how Maron has been publicly accused of racism, white supremacism, and even “segregation activism” that hounded out of her career as a Legal Aid Society public defender.

This has all happened because she spoke against the trendy, racialist ideas extremists inject into education in school districts across the country — divisive and racist ideas a growing number of people are rightly reacting against.

“I am pro-integration,” Maron told Weiss. “I am pro-diversity. And also, I reject the narrative that white parents are to blame for the failures of our school system … I believe that racial essentialism is racist and should not be taught in school.”

This statement is heresy to the unholy inquisition of today’s woke Left. Affirm, under penalty of damnation, that racial justice is scarcer today than it was 40 years ago. Bow at the altar of racialist hucksters such as Ibram X. Kendi and pledge allegiance to your white fragility, or else be burnt at the stake.

Maron, who opposes the Left’s elimination of programs and schools for the gifted on supposed grounds of racial equity, exposed her own thoughtcrime in a New York Post op-ed. She wrote that “at a city Department of Education anti-bias training, I was instructed to refer to myself as a ‘white woman’ — as if my whole life reduces to my race.”

“Those who oppose this ideology are shunned and humiliated, even as it does nothing to actually improve our broken schools,” she wrote. “Though facing severe budget cuts, the DOE has spent more than $6 million for the training, which defines qualities such as ‘worship of the written word,’ ‘individualism’ and ‘objectivity’ as ‘white-supremacy culture.’”

Maron is suing the Legal Aid Society and her union. She may win compensation but will still never get her life back. Even so, her perspective on left-wing politics has already probably changed for the better. And the same is happening to many moderates and liberals across the country.

Democrats have spent four years bending over backward to accommodate the crazies who embrace these toxic racialist ideologies. It has not helped them, and their racialism is getting more and more exposure.

Their absurd, performative gestures may have cost them a workable congressional majority in 2020, and all this might cost them Congress in 2022.

A political reckoning is coming.

“Mainstream Democrats got kicked in the crotch pretty hard during the last election over the ‘defund the police’ strategy,” the University of Chicago’s Charles Lipson told the Washington Examiner last week.

Indeed, the party’s saner members are waking up to the ideological rot in their midst.

Meanwhile, whereas the deserved kick has come from ordinary voters of all races, even active liberals such as Maron find themselves “canceled” by the race-obsessed narcissists in their own ranks. Each time they are “mugged” in this manner, they will find themselves along the same path of disillusionment Tom Wolfe once described.

Author : Washington Examiner

Source : Washington Examiner : Totalitarian wokeness cost liberals their common sense