Trudeau Family Is Not New To Authoritarianism


Canada has truly become a dictatorial hellhole. The Freedom Convoy was established in response to protesters refusing to line up to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, has decided to double the authoritarianism.

Trudeau invoked Canada’s Emergencies Act, the first time ever in history. This authorized crackdowns against protesters at Ottawa and the U.S.-Canada border in Alberta.

On Monday, Trudeau announced:

Here are the steps we are taking to control the situation today: Police officers will have more tools to restore order where public assemblies represent illegal and dangerous activities such as occupations and blockades like those seen at Ottawa and the Ambassador Bridge. They will also be able to impose more fines and imprisonment.

The government will protect, secure, and designate places and infrastructure that are vital to our economy and people’s jobs. This includes border crossings and airports.

We will not tolerate illegal or dangerous activities.

The Emergencies Act will allow the government to ensure that essential services are provided, such as towing vehicles off roads.

Financial institutions will also be authorized to provide essential services in order to address the situation. This includes regulating and prohibiting illegal use of the property to finance or support illegal blockades.

Canada’s petulant brat is now using the power of the state to oppress peaceful protesters.

But move over, Hank Williams, Jr. Justin Trudeau continues his family tradition of authoritarianism.

Let’s jump in the time machine to go back in Oct. 1970 before Justin was even a glimmer of light in his parents’ eyes.

The short-lived Front de libération du Quebec (FLQ) was a separatist group from Quebec that threatened Canada back then. The FLQ kidnapped James Cross, British Trade Commissioner, on October 5, 1970. Five days later, Pierre Laporte, Vice-Premier and Minister of Labour, was kidnapped by the FLQ.

The FLQ gained support from college students in Quebec and, on October 15, 3,00 students rallied for the FLQ. The FLQ murdered Laporte two days later and demanded Cross’s release.

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s dad, invoked the War Measures Act. This was the precursor of the Emergencies Act Justin so dearly loves.

Prime Minister Trudeau is a Quebec-born millionaire who holds a Harvard master’s degree. He stated that the precise measures would be announced today at 11 a.m. Although the War Emergency Act gives his government almost unlimited power to suppress insurrections, there are indications that the measures announced yesterday will be limited to search and seize without warrant and regulation of public assembly.

Yesterday, hundreds of police and troops participated in the fencing of Montreal. Additional hundreds of FLQ sympathizers and members were also arrested.

For those who advocate, promote, and engage in the use or commission of criminal offenses in order to seek governmental change, five-year prison sentences have been imposed.

A reporter asked Trudeau to explain his War Measures Act use. Trudeau responded, “Just look at me.”

The October Crisis of 1970 was very different. One man had been murdered and another kidnapped by the terrorist FLQ. They also blocked a bridge with Freedom Convoy members and honked their horns quite a bit. Tel pere fils . One might even say that in Quebec.

What lessons have we learned today, children? The Trudeau family defaults to authoritarianism when they are faced with trouble. This is especially true when you consider that Trudeau would not be the PM if it weren’t for the coalition-building in parliamentary governments which can transform a minority into a majority.