Trump Admin Official Calls For Investigation Of Biden’s Cover-Up At The Border

Gary FensterMarch 24, 20213min

Former Assistant DHS Secretary for Public Affairs under Trump just dropped the hammer on Joe and Kamala. Alexei Woltornist called on Congress Tuesday to investigate the Biden administration’s border crisis “cover-up.”

Woltornist did not mince words and accused the Biden administration of lying about the situation to keep reporters from detention facilities.

He said, “When there’s a situation like this, usually the truth sets you free and the fact that there’s this media gag order tells everyone –

“The American public and the media themselves –

“That the facts on the ground are likely much worse than any of us know.

“And that’s the only reason they’re covering up and want media nowhere near any of these facilities.

“At a minimum, it comes from Secretary Mayorkas himself.

“I think this is a matter that Congress should investigate and find out what information he has that he’s not sharing and also explain why he’s making this decision.

“And it could even go as high as President Biden himself.

“In a crisis like this you’re getting regular briefings, almost up-to-the-minute numbers and policy analysis, and we haven’t really been getting much information from the White House.

“And it just tells me that everything’s much worse than any of us know.”

Author : Gary Fenster

Source : Maga Conservatives : Trump Admin Official Calls For Investigation of Biden’s ‘Cover-Up’ At The Border