Trump Considering Leaving GOP And Starting His Own Patriot Party

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Former President Donald Trump has reportedly discussed the possibility of leaving the Republican Party and forming a new party of his own.

Trump discussed the idea with several aides last week and would potentially name the party the “Patriot Party,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The relationship between Trump and several prominent Republican politicians in Congress has deteriorated in recent weeks as many, including Sen. Mitch McConnell, have blamed Trump for the riot on Capitol Hill earlier this month that left several people dead.

“The last time the Senate convened, we had just reclaimed the Capitol from violent criminals who tried to stop Congress from doing our duty,” McConnell said on the Senate floor Tuesday. “This mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. And they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government, which they did not like. But we pressed on

The Daily Wire reported that some Republicans close to Trump believe a new party is a “bad idea” that would fracture support for a conservative candidate in 2024.

“We will be back in some form,” Trump told a group of supporters on Wednesday before boarding Air Force One for the last time as he departed Washington, D.C.

Trump is eligible to run for president again in 2024 as long as he is not convicted by the Senate impeachment trial that is expected to begin later this month. The House of Representatives impeached Trump earlier this month over his conduct leading up to the Capitol Hill riot.

Author : Andrew Mark Miller

Source : Washington Examiner : Trump considering leaving GOP and starting his own ‘Patriot Party’: Report