Trump Slams Biden’s Reset: We Won’t Have A Country, They’re Destroying Our Country


During a recent interview on Newsmax, Trump blasted Biden for all the destruction he has caused in such a short time.

Trump suggested Biden would have done less damage if he had just done nothing.

He also said that Biden and Democrats are basically destroying the country.

Newsmax reports:

Former President Donald Trump says his replacement had to do “nothing” to keep the U.S. from having problems at the border and with China, the Middle East and North Korea and that President Joe Biden’s moves are “destroying our country.”

All he had to do is nothing,” Trump said Saturday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Dick Morris Democracy.”

“We won’t have a country; they’re destroying our country,” he added.

In a wide-ranging phone interview, Trump delivered his America First, MAGA views as only he can, ripping Fox News, lamenting the Democrats-led turn against Israel, a softened approach to China allowing it to “get away with murder,” defunding the police movements leading to massive crime increases in the U.S., and the destruction of women’s rights.

But, Trump did note, the trade deals with the U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) and phase one with China were so successful, even Biden has yet to screw it up by unwinding them.

“If he would have done nothing, we would have had right now the strongest border in history,” Trump told Morris, echoing comments made in an exclusive sit-down interview Tuesday with “Cortes & Pellegrino.”

Author : Mike LaChance

Source : American Lookout : Trump Slams Biden’s Reset: ‘We Won’t Have A Country, They’re Destroying Our Country’