Trump Warned Georgia AG Against Push Back On Texas Lawsuit

President Donald Trump (SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

President Donald Trump earlier this week called Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr to warn him not to rally Republicans against the lawsuit filed by Texas over the 2020 presidential election, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

In a “cordial” 15-minute phone call on Tuesday, according to the newspaper’s sources, Trump told Carr that he’s “heard great things” about the attorney general, but said he’d heard Carr was trying to rally other Republicans against the lawsuit, which Carr denied. The call occurred after Trump talked to the state’s two Republican senators, but before the senators issued a joint statement saying that they “fully support” the lawsuit.

The Journal-Constitution notes that earlier on Tuesday, before the phone call, Carr’s office had referred to the Texas lawsuit as “constitutionally, legally and factually wrong.”

Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs dismissed the lawsuit as spreading “false and irresponsible” theories.

“Texas alleges that there are 80,000 forged signatures on absentee ballots in Georgia, but they don’t bring forward a single person who this happened to,” she said. “That’s because it didn’t happen.”

Author : Theodore Bunker

Source : News Max : Trump Warned Georgia AG Against Push Back on Texas Lawsuit