Trump’s Support Among Likely Black Voters Surges To 42%

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We’d been hearing rumblings, seeing some anecdotal evidence and even a bit of polling data to suggest that President Donald Trump is going to do much better with black voters in November than he did in 2016.

But data just released by polling firm Rasmussen Reports blows even our wildest anticipation out of the water.

According to the firm, President Trump’s support among likely black voters hasn’t just gone up a bit, it has exploded, no doubt thanks in large part to his and the Republican Party’s continuous outreach which was on full display during the party’s recent convention.

That, and the fact that the president is the candidate who has been pushing “law and order” throughout our ‘summer of discontent,’ in which Americans have watched in horror as Black Lives Matter supporters, anarchists, and Antifa adherents have smashed and burned stores, beaten people up, torched entire city blocks, and attack police.

Rasmussen says that support among the key “likely” black voter demographic for the president has soared to 42 percent — an amazing feat. And for other non-White “likely” voters, approval is at an astounding 56 percent.

And, his overall approval rating is 50 percent.

Here’s the breakdown:

For Tuesday, September 8, 2020

National Likely Voter (LV) Job Approval of @POTUS – 50%

GOP LV App – 79%

Dem LV App – 24%

Ind LV App – 48%

Men LV App – 53%

Women LV App – 47%

White LV App – 50%

Black Total LV App – 42% !

Other Non-White Total LV App – 56% !

Frankly, that is incredible. Black voters have almost exclusively supported Democratic presidential nominees – any Democratic presidential nominee – for decades, despite the party’s historic ties to slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow laws.

And again, Trump only managed to secure around 8 percent of the black vote in 2016

His campaign was hoping to at least double that this time around, but if Rasmussen’s polling is accurate (and it was in 2016 when the firm was one of just a few who predicted a Trump victory), then the president can expect to surpass even the doubling of support.

“We’re in the communities because we knew we could not depend on the mainstream press to tell Americans exactly what this president is doing and has done for them,” said senior campaign adviser Katrina Pierson, noting that campaign officials have been doing a lot of outreach in black neighborhoods. “So we’re on the ground making sure that they stay informed.”

In addition, the Trump campaign is setting up shop in cities Republicans abandoned, such as Milwaukee, NPR reported in mid-August, where, Pierson says, there are eight staffers.

The office has, in recent weeks, hosted a cook-out and a movie night in which black conservatives were featured in a documentary.

“Those events allowed for us to connect with people in a smaller setting,” said Paris Dennard, a senior adviser on Black media for the Republican National Committee.

“That’s when we can have more personal dialogue. That’s when we can answer questions easier, and that’s when we can really form relationships,” Dennard said.

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