Truths About Kamala Gets Leaked Causing More Tension Between Her and Biden


Over the past year, there have been scattered reports about tensions between the Biden camp and Harris camp. Biden’s personnel are reportedly frustrated by the veep’s inability to properly handle the tasks given her by Joe Biden. The Harris camp believes that Biden’s staff enjoys pining his many failures on her.

These tensions seem to have boiled over into the public sphere between the two main players in the story back in November 2021, when Harris and Biden visited a D.C. soup pantry to make plates for people in need. Biden was seen talking to the chief of the D.C. soup kitchen, as well as photos and videos from the event.

We are now learning from a new book by New York Times reporters that the relationship between the two sides has worsened. Biden’s comms director Kate Bedingfield let some unpleasant truths about Harris slip.

The Playbook story: Harris’ allies claimed that Harris was given an impossible portfolio during the first year of her administration. According to the book, KATE BEDINGFIELD was Biden’s communications director. She grew tired of being criticized for mismanaging Harris by the White House and she also blamed the Vice President.

“Privately, Bedingfield noted that Harris’s vice presidency wasn’t the first time she had failed to meet high expectations. Her Senate office was messy and her presidential campaign was a disaster. Martin and Burns suggest that perhaps the problem wasn’t with the vice president’s staff.

According to the old saying, “the truth hurts,” Bedingfield’s claims about Harris are in line with stories that we have seen about Harris’s past and present staffers about how difficult they found it to work with her beyond the normal rough and tumble you can expect from working in an office of a prominent politician (turnover among campaign staff during Harris’ failed 2020 presidential bid was very high).

Harris is also known for blaming her staff for problems she creates. According to the Washington Post, Harris is unable to conduct due diligence on any topic she speaks about publicly. Harris expects to be able to talk about common buzzwords and awkward word combinations that will make the media and “woke” salivate. But when she realizes it later, it is the hardworking staffers who are punished.

Kamala Harris was, as I have previously noted, her own worst enemy. This is what happens to a career that starts like Harris’s. As you rise up the ladder, you begin to expect to receive preferential treatment and to have interviews in the media because of “who” you are and “historical” views.

It turns out that being “first” in something doesn’t really mean much to the average person. Especially if you continue to show that you are not only really, really bad at what your doing (which Harris does often), but that you are also about as authentic as a $3 bill.

It has been a difficult task to work alongside Joe Biden. His trail of mistakes, bumbles, and disastrous decisions is as long as Santa’s naughty list. But, the majority of Harris’ problems are her own fault and there is no way to change that fact.