Tucker On The Media’s Capitol Riot Narrative: The Story They Told Was A Lie From Beginning To End


It has been reported many times that five people died during the Capitol Riots, but media sources have always been suspiciously short on details about those deaths.

Well, Tucker Carlson now has that information, and some of it will conflict with what you’ve heard.

“We do know for certain that the known facts of what happened on Jan. 6 deviate in very important ways from the story they are now telling us. And in many places the known facts bear no resemblance to the story they’re telling. They’re just flat-out lying.”

Carlson broke down the 5 deaths that happened; One woman appears to have been accidentally trampled to death. Another man apparently had a heart attack and a third man looks to have died of a stroke. Unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot as she tried to breach a barricaded door.

Last but not least, officer Brian Sicknick was actually NOT beaten with a fire extinguisher. In fact, he was alive 24 hours later and noted to his brother that he had been pepper-sprayed twice, but was fine. Apparently, he died of a stroke without further details as of yet.

Of course, talking about Trump supporters having heart attacks and strokes doesn’t support the whole, “It was an insurrection” narrative the way falsely claiming that an officer was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher does and we know what wins in a battle between the truth and a liberal narrative in the mainstream media.

What happened at the Capitol Building was a riot, it wasn’t a good thing and it should be condemned. However, lying about what happened only creates more suspicion, distrust, and alienation. Just tell the truth and let the cards fall where they may.

Author : John Hawkins

Source : Bongino : Tucker Carlson on the Media’s Capitol Riot Narrative: “The Story They Told Was a Lie From Beginning to End”