Twitter Accused Of Pushing Soviet-Style Spin After Targeting Donald Trump Jr.’s Anti-Biden Tweet

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Twitter was compared to Pravda, the Soviet Union’s propaganda newspaper, on Friday after spinning a tweet from Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. responded on Friday to Democrats who keep comparing President Joe Biden to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Democrat who was elected president four times.

Liberals like Jonathan Alter, for example, cite Biden’s COVID-19 response and Biden’s aggressive push to expand the role of government with ambitious multi-trillion dollar legislative packages. “Whatever the future holds, Mr. Biden and Mr. Roosevelt are now fused in history by the size and breadth of their progressive ambitions,” Alter recently wrote in the New York Times.

According to Trump Jr., Biden is no FDR.

“Biden isn’t the next FDR he’s the next Jimmy Carter,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

The comparison was made after April’s jobs report showed just 266,000 jobs were added last month, falling way short of the 1 million that experts predicted. The dismal showing resulted in the unemployment rate going up.

As TheBlaze reported, unemployment levels remain about 8 million jobs short of pre-pandemic levels, but not because of a lack of available jobs. Despite “now hiring” signs being peppered on businesses across the nation, businesses are having difficulty finding enough workers because many of those left unemployed by the pandemic are making more money on enhanced unemployment than they would at work.

In response, Twitter claimed people were “confused” by Trump Jr.’s tweet.

“People are confused by a Tweet from Donald Trump Jr, saying that President Biden ‘isn’t the next FDR he’s the next Jimmy Carter,’ given that former president Carter is a Nobel Peace Prize winner whose humanitarian record is largely respected,” Twitter wrote in its “trending” section.

Trump Jr. then explained exactly what his tweet meant — as if anyone did not already understand the implied meaning.

“Anyone who is supposedly ‘confused,’ by my below tweet should probably read the awful Biden job report out today, then take a peek at the rising prices of raw materials that we’re seeing and then finally google ‘Jimmy Carter inflation’….Things will make a lot more sense to you!” Trump Jr. explained.

Twitter was accused of spreading propaganda.

“Twitter’s editorial voice is basically late Soviet if Pravda were run by concern trolls,” New York Times writer Ross Douthat said.

“This is the way @Twitter works. And the propagandists in DC are just as bad,” Richard Grenell reacted.

“What has Twitter become? It obviously wants to play a very active partisan role,” political scientist Max Abrahms said.

“95% of people know exactly what it means to compare a president to Jimmy Carter and the other 5% are playing dumb,” Frank Fleming, a Babylon Bee writer, said.

Author : Chris Enloe

Source : The Blaze : Twitter accused of pushing Soviet-style spin after targeting Donald Trump Jr.’s anti-Biden tweet