U-Haul Truck Pulls Up To BLM Protest With Shields And Supplies For Protesters

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On Wednesday, a Grand Jury indicted one officer on criminal charges in Breonna Taylor’s case. This was met with huge backlash from BLM and liberal protesters because no officers were charged directly with Breonna Taylor’s death.

A Kentucky Grand jury indicted one officer for shooting into the neighboring apartment. The 3 wanton endangerment charges against Hankison are for Breonna Taylor’s neighbors.

Right after this news came out. Immediate protests began in Louisville with angry BLM protesters not happy with the results on the trial.

During the protests, something strange happened. A U-Haul filled with shields and supplies for the protesters pulled up and protesters began extracting the supplies from the truck for them to use.

Nothing about this looks like an organic protest. A big question people have been asking is who is funding all of these supplies for the protesters? It seems very shady.

A lot of conservatives online are responding to what’s going on and none of them are happy, including myself. Check it out:

One user tweeted, “Pre-meditated riot and violence preparations.”

Another user tweeted, “This was pre planned in the event the announcement didn’t go a certain way….no one can change my mind Full stop…”

One user tweeted, “Get the uhaul’s plates and get it to the FBI.”

As tension rises and things escalate, who knows what we’ll see happen between now and the end of the night.

One thing is for sure, it will not be peaceful.

Author : Mark Lutchman

Source : Lutchman : VIDEO: U-Haul Truck Pulls Up To BLM Protest With Shields and Supplies For Protesters