UK Prime Minister Gets Backlash For Something Americans Have Done Numerous Times


Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is in serious political trouble because of something that many American Democratic politicians did without much backlash.

Johnson hosted late-night “wine-time Fridays” and other virus restriction-scoffing parties during the height of the pandemic — which included a party on the night before Queen Elizabeth’s funeral for Prince Phillip.

He apologized to the royal family. He should be worried about his Conservative Party colleagues.

Backbench Conservative MPs have repeatedly called for Johnson’s departure, and the media has been having a field day at Johnson’s expense. The prime minister, however, took to the House of Commons’ floor on Tuesday. He gave a fierce speech that encouraged some hesitant conservatives and demonstrated that he was not going down without a fight.

A “no-confidence vote” is also possible. To make that happen, 54 members of the Conservative Party will have to call for a vote de confidence in Johnson’s leadership. AP quoted one Conservative MP as saying that the threshold of 54 members might be reached this week.

An impartial civil servant investigates the parties to determine if there were any violations of laws.

Sue Gray is a senior civil servant and investigating claims that government employees held late-night parties, boozy parties, and “wine time Fridays” during coronavirus restrictions in Britain in 2020 and 2021. These allegations have caused public anger, mockery, and incredulity, prompting growing calls for Johnson to resign.

Johnson apologized last week to lawmakers for attending a “bring-your-own booze” event in the Downing Street office’s garden in May 2020. To curb the spread of COVID-19, British citizens were prohibited from meeting more than one person in their homes at the time.

Johnson stated that he considered the party to be a work gathering and it was within the rules.

He’s stuck with his story.

Johnson has taken a big hit in the polls, but thankfully for Johnson, he doesn’t have to face voters in a general election until 2024. As long as Johnson can avoid a vote in confidence, that is. As long as there are no scandals about his conduct during lockdowns.

The British people are just as mad at Democratic politicians as the Americans are at their belief that rules are only for small people.