US Was Better With President Trump Than With President Biden


President Joe Biden was supposed to bring welcome change from Donald Trump. He was going to be the “nice guy” president. He was not going to lie. He was going to be competent and respected.

Eight months into his presidency, he has not done any of these things. Instead, he has left the clear impression that he is in way over his head and that the United States was better under Trump than Biden.

Biden has gotten himself into far more trouble than anyone could have imagined in such a short time in office. He has been the opposite of what was advertised. His has been an administration of dishonesty, chaos, and incompetence, and we still have 40 months left to go.

First, consider the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden was supposed to be the antidote to Trump’s alleged mishandling of the virus. Yet, the weekly average of COVID-19 deaths is higher now than it was in September 2020. This is even more troubling considering vaccines are available now, whereas a year ago, they were not.

Next, the country’s border situation. Biden’s executive actions in his first 100 days reversed several of Trump’s immigration policies. The result has been an illegal immigration crisis, a national security calamit y, and a humanitarian catastrophe plaguing the southwest border.

Trump had stabilized the situation through enforcement and diplomacy with Mexico. Now, the Biden has put out the welcome mat, and illegal immigrant crossings are at their highest level in over two decades — exceeding 210,000. There have been more apprehensions of illegal immigrants now than at any time since April 2000 , and they are all turning themselves in on purpose because they know Biden will let them stay.

Even as illegal border crossings are at record highs , expulsions of illegal immigrants are declining rapidly under Biden.

Several other quality of life issues that affect people’s everyday experience have plagued the country since Biden became president. Gas prices are at the highest they have been in years. Inflation is surging . Lackluster job growth is undermining the notion his “Build Back Better” program is helping the country.

Then there was the Afghanistan fiasco, Biden’s biggest embarrassment to date. Biden was caught urging foreign officials to lie about the circumstances so he would not suffer quite as much public opinion fallout. Intelligence community assumptions about the Taliban were later revealed to be false. Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan days after he claimed he would never do such a thing and then blamed the people stranded there.

Admitted Biden’s chaotic and disorderly retreat, more U.S. service members were killed in one day than had been in any of the last five years. The international community lost faith in Biden’s leadership. This folly made Biden look disorganized, inefficient, and inexperienced.

When Trump was president, Twitter was more exciting, but the country was doing significantly better. Inflation was not an issue. Job growth was robust, and wages were increasing. Unemployment was approaching record lows. ISIS was essentially nonexistent. Despite our continued presence in Afghanistan, exceedingly few service members were ever killed there in action. And gas prices were among the lowest in the last decade.

While many were critical of Trump’s COVID-19 response, Biden’s is arguably worse. Trump successfully got vaccines developed in a record time. What has Biden done, aside from creating extra drama and failing to get people to take the vaccine? Biden promised he had a plan to deal with the pandemic. If he did, the plan was a bust.

So, yes, many people are now longing for Trump because Biden’s presidency so far has been nothing but false advertising and failure.

Author : Christopher Tremoglie

Source : Washington Examiner : US was better with President Trump than with President Biden