Vax Nazis Gleefully Pushing People Into Unemployment

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I don’t think that getting my steps in by walking to the kitchen for snacks is helping.

A little over a year ago. most of the country was still lamenting lockdowns and boredom, hoping that we might be done with the tedium by now. Tedium still reigns, but it’s a different kind of boredom this year. We’re bombarded with nonstop talk about vaccines now. My distaste for public interaction is at an all-time high because I don’t want to have another conversation about vaccines, mandates, or masks.

I think we all know that the people who have made things this way are hoping we’re still stuck on this for years. We’ve got a bunch of godless heathen leftists who are drunk on false virtue and using it to make the government creep ever more into our lives. They’re not going to give that up easily.

The real-world consequences of Vax Mandate Mania are showing up more and more lately, usually in the form of people losing jobs. The heavy hand of the government vax pimps isn’t helping to win the hearts and minds of those who are opposed to getting vaccinated. They’re losing their jobs rather than roll the dice on a medical decision that doesn’t make them feel comfortable.

Last month we saw New York’s new governor declare a state of emergency over a healthcare worker shortage that has a lot to do with the vaccine mandate. That same kind of crisis has duplicated itself on the other end of the country, which Victoria wrote about yesterday:

In August, Oregon Governor Kate Brown ordered all state employees and health care workers to get a Covid shot by October 18 or lose their jobs. Thinking she was done and dusted with the issue, the woman, who always has men with guns flanking her, couldn’t countenance anyone defying her.

Indeed, some of her own men with guns in the Oregon State Police troopers are suing Brown over forced vaccines. Brown apparently didn’t bank on lawsuits, sickouts, and blowback from real people who either don’t want, trust, or need the shot.

Worse, now she has exacerbated an already “historic and catastrophic” nursing shortage problem due in part to her tyrannical, illiberal orders.

Nurses have either walked out or been fired over Brown’s Covid shot mandate.

Victoria had another post yesterday about the fire marshal in the state of Washington and yet another mandate-related fiasco:

The Washington state fire marshal will be out of a job on October 18, the date that Governor Jay Inslee has ordered state employees to get a Covid shot or lose their jobs.

The marshal, Charles LeBlanc, a 33-year-veteran of the agency, says the state has granted him a medical exemption from getting the shot, but that it can’t “accommodate” the exemption.

The vax Nazis love to frame this principled opposition as nothing more than a knee-jerk political stance by a bunch of right-wing nutjobs. Everyone I know who isn’t vaccinated has thought very carefully about it and all have sound reasons for opting out. In fact, many of them were planning on eventually get vaccinated but have been put off by the over-the-top rudeness of the vax pimps.

People don’t leave careers just because they’re in the mood to make a political statement. The fact that so many healthcare professionals have misgivings about the vaccine should be enough to spark a real conversation.

The lefty vax freaks are having too much fun being jerks about it though. They are miserable people who only find joy in spreading their emotional inadequacy and misery to others. It’s safe to say that they’re thrilled that people are losing their jobs over this.

Again, they’re so awful and embarrassing that they make me wish I could un-vax myself.

Author : Stephen Kruiser

Source : Pj Media : The Morning Briefing: Vax Nazis Gleefully Pushing People Into Unemployment