WaPo Publishes Handy Hit List Of Columbus Statues

Source: AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

In one heckuva gift — a sort of in-kind donation — to Antifa and other intolerant vandals, The Washington Post commemorated Columbus Day this week by publishing a hit list of statues in his likeness that the wokesters haven’t managed to topple, destroy, or deface. Yet.

“Columbus monuments are coming down, but he’s still honored in 6,000 places across the U.S. Here’s where,” WaPo wrote. The piece goes on to glorify the supposed war stories of those who defaced public and private monuments to the man who discovered the New World, likenesses radical leftists believe to be literal genocide.

The statues are referred to as “historical violence” that somehow now threaten modern Americans. WaPo reports that 40 statues of or monuments to Columbus have been taken down since 2018, a “majority” of them removed in the last two years as Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters brought vandalism and violence to cities across the country.

But more nefarious than the statues, according to The Washington Post, are the places and things merely named after Christopher Columbus. “Many bear the feminized version of his name, Columbia, which is often overlooked.” The horror?

Apparently, the very serious researchers at MIT and the “Feminism Lab,” — whatever that is — told WaPo “there are more than 6,000 public references to Columbus across the country.” For the liberal media and elite academics, it’s not enough to supplant Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, every last morsel that could be tied to Christopher Columbus must be identified, demonized, and excised from polite society.

Perhaps then, after erasing all mention or image of Columbus — a man who died 515 years ago — there will be justice? Seems unlikely.

In any case, The Washington Post has done its best to help the intolerant lefties in a town near you target the remaining likenesses and namesakes of Christopher Columbus via a handy tool that allows readers to search their city — or any city — and find the closest example of “historical violence.”

Notably left off of The Washington Post’s target list is their own company. After all, The Washington Post is named for the city in which it’s based: Washington, District of Columbia. Perhaps before WaPo giddily heralds, aids, and abets cultural marxists in an intolerant campaign to erase their ever-changing definition of wrongspeak, they should have checked their own address.

Author : Spencer Brown

Source : Town Hall : The Washington Post’s Latest Anti-Columbus Screed Is a Gift to Antifa