Watch: Another Newly Uncovered Game-Changing Video From DC Capitol Just Emerged

Wayne Dupree

The Dems made yet another catastrophic mistake when they impeached President Trump for the second time.

It will go nowhere, and they knew that, but they were trying to send a message and “breakdown” MAGA.

That plan is flopping and failing as we speak.

Turns out one of the main “instigators” of the so-called “insurrection” is a BLM activist who dressed up as a MAGA patriot.

The FBI just confirmed this and arrested him. I am sure he wasn’t the only one.

Also, turns out the “Viking” guy is a radical climate change/Green New Deal activist…seems like he’d be an unlikely Trump supporter too, right?

This whole thing is stinking to high-heaven.

You can watch the video below:

This sort of stuff does double work for Dems. Firstly, they can try and tear apart MAGA and make the movement go away, just like they did with the “alt-right” and Q-anon.”

Second, it takes people’s focus off the sham 2020 election, right as Dems prepare to “install” their candidate into the White House.

But when you drill down and look at what really happened at the Capitol, the BS narrative we’re being feed from Dems and our state-run-propaganda media has more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.

Author : Missy Crane

Source : Wayne Dupree : Watch: Another Newly Uncovered “Game-Changing” Video From DC Capitol Just Emerged