Watch Out for Those Blindly Cheering on Zelenskyy


If you feel anxious like me, then you may have felt anxious as you watched the zealots cheer Volodymyr Zieleskyy’s victory and the events surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It is important to clarify that I don’t question America’s support of the Ukrainian people. My concern is the blind support Volodymyr Zilenskyy, Ukraine‚Äôs president, receives. It is as if he is a democracy-loving George Washington. Tucker Carlson Tonight, FoxNews’ Tucker Carlson said that Zelenskyy wasn’t a democratic leader.

A true democracy allows people to voice their opinions freely in public places and can even ask for their resignation. Consider, for instance, the Opposition Platform for Life and its political parties.

It holds 43 seats in Ukraine’s parliament, making it the largest of the opposition groups. Does this sound like the actions of democratic leaders? Zelenskyy used chaos from the war to eliminate his opposition and create an all-party state in Ukraine.

Zelenskyy had banned opposition to him before he took control of all media outlets in Ukraine. I felt uncomfortable supporting Zelenskyy, a hero of democracy.

It is normal for people to want to see the Ukrainians defeat the invading troops. However, McFaul recently stated that “If Zelenskyy is in power, democracy can be maintained.” Zelenskyy can preserve democracy. However, this is not true democracy as you and I believe. Tucker Carlson believes that Senator Sasse and other right-leaning senators should be aware of this. He may also know why Zelenskyy was embraced by the American Left.

Perhaps because Ukraine has the exact kind of democracy that the United States wants.

It is difficult to believe this could actually be true. Consider this: If they could find any national security pretext (a war perhaps), would you think that Adam Schiff, KamalaHari, or Mitch McConnell wouldn’t stop at banning political enemies running for office in this nation?

Zelenskyy is loved by the Ukrainian people not only because he represents them but also because Zelenskyy’s war power has been dramatically increased so that anyone who complains about Zelenskyy must stop complaining at gunpoint.

This answers the question. Our children and Ourselves value freedom in America. We all know Ukraine was invaded by its neighbors. But, this doesn’t mean Ukraine is a democracy.

Below you will find a section from Tucker Carlson Tonight.