Watch: Rioters Set Police HQ On Fire

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Violent rioters set fire to the police headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, Wednesday night amid nationwide unrest following a Kentucky grand jury decision to not charge police officers in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

“St. Louis, Mo.: The police headquarters was set on fire by rioters,” reported Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo.

Rioting has once again broken out across American cities after a grand jury in Kentucky ruled that three police officers did not deliberately murder Breonna Taylor, a woman who was killed earlier this year in a gunfight between her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, and the three officers serving a warrant at Taylor’s apartment.

It has been wrongly reported the raid was a “no-knock” raid, meaning that officers did not knock on the door of the residence before entering. While the officers were originally granted a “no-knock” warrant, their orders were later changed to “knock and announce.”

A witness confirmed that the police did knock and announce their identity before forcing entry, after which Walker opened fire on the officers. Taylor was killed by police in the ensuing gunfight.

One officer was charged with “wanton endangerment” by the grand jury, while the other two were not charged. None of the officers were charged with murder.

Two officers have already been shot in Louisville, KY, during Wednesday’s riots. They are currently in hospital and in stable condition. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to offer a statement of support for the law enforcement officers.

“Praying for the two police officers that were shot tonight in Louisville, Kentucky. The Federal Government stands behind you and is ready to help,” said President Trump. “Spoke to @GovAndyBeshear and we are prepared to work together, immediately upon request!”

Author : Allum Bokhari

Source : Breitbart : WATCH: Rioters Set Police HQ on Fire in St. Louis