Waukesha Killer Feels ‘Dehumanized’


The Waukesha killer wants America to know that he feels “dehumanized” for intentionally driving his car into Waukesha (Wisc). The left-wing terrorist Darrell Brooks Jr. attacked a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisc, killing six people and injuring another 62.

Brooks (39) stated that she feels like an animal and is being made to feel guilty. Brooks was a left-wing terrorist who did not show any remorse during the interview.

Brooks was greeted by two Fox News reporters sitting on opposite sides of the screen. Brooks appeared calm and lucid, and took the time and answered all questions.

He claimed that his mother was not gone. Fox News Digital documents show that she made a statement to the family, criticizing Wisconsin’s criminal justice system. It contained a 50-page report that detailed domestic violence, guns and drug convictions in Wisconsin.

Brooks’ mother stated her son’s brutal murderous rampage was caused by a lack mental health services.

Woods stated that he made no excuses for the events that occurred, but that he didn’t receive the support and resources that he needed.

Brooks, 39, was found to have suffered from mental illness according to court papers and a written statement. Brooks was a patient of medication since childhood.

According to the letter, “institutions that have trained and equipped staff are needed as well as resources in communities where people with mental illnesses live.” Jail is not the answer, as many people with mental illness are released from jail in worse health than when they entered.

His mother could ask any court to place her son under arrest and she had signed her consent. If she knew that her son was mentally unstable, she should be held accountable.

The true villain in this tragedy is the radical Left with its desire for dangerous and unstable criminals to return home despite overwhelming evidence that they pose a threat to society.

Brooks was eligible for bail in Wisconsin using a pre-trial risk analysis. Michelle Grasso, who was just two years from law school, apparently hadn’t seen it before.

It is quite disturbing to see that six innocent victims and 62 other victims were determined by a matrix of color codes, which was created by criminal justice reform boosters.

Brooks is putting together his insanity defense right in front of our eyes. Brooks’ rampage was allowed to continue without any punishment.