WH, State Dept Blocking Efforts To Rescue Afghan Christians: Out-And-Out Evil

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Individuals in the White House and State Department are reportedly hampering attempts to evacuate Christians from Afghanistan as the country falls to Islamic radicals.

The Nazarene Fund, which made headlines last week for raising more than $20 million in three days amid news that Taliban forces are going door to door looking for Christians, has managed to evacuate more than 5,000 people so far from Afghanistan, according to its founder Glenn Beck. The fund has gone on to raise more than $28 million.

Beck said this is no thanks to the Biden administration.

During an appearance Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Beck, who was broadcasting from the region, explained the chaotic situation as his organization attempts to rescue religious minorities without help from the State Department.

“The State Department has blocked us every step of the way,” he said. “The State Department and the White House have been the biggest problem. Everyone else — everyone else — has been working together, putting aside differences and trying to get these people to safety. The State Department and the White House have blocked us every single step of the way.”

“In fact, an ambassador was called in Macedonia last night and told not to accept any of these people as we were trying to get them off of the tarmac here, to keep the airport flowing and getting these Christians out. We haven’t really been able to move anybody for about 12 hours. Our mission is now changing greatly. We have to send people into even greater danger to try to smuggle these Christians out, who are marked not just for death, but to be set on fire alive because they’re converted Christians.”

Explaining how he is traveling Friday elsewhere in an attempt to open up two other countries to accept the refugees, Beck said he was reluctant to even name them because of what the State Department might do. “I don’t even want to say who they are because I’m afraid our State Department will call them and threaten them. But we are going to move these people to new homes and they are going to be a blessing to some country.”

Beck went on to question why the Biden administration is allowing all kinds of people to suffer because of their policies, both by shutting them into Afghanistan and allowing them to fall into the hands of drug cartels along the porous southern border.

Author : Jon Brown

Source : Daily Wire : WH, State Dept Reportedly Blocking Efforts To Rescue Afghan Christians: ‘Out-And-Out Evil’