What Black Radio Host wants Celebrated For Month Of July

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Talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson is calling for July to be White History Month, urging Americans to stand up for the country’s greatness as leftists continue destroying statues and monuments across the U.S.

“I’m looking at white people under attack and they’re afraid to stand up for themselves. And there’s no real appreciation in America for white people who founded and created the greatest country on this side of heaven,” said Peterson, who grew up on a plantation in Alabama and lived in the Jim Crow era.

“The children of destruction and the children of lies want to destroy American history,” he continued. “And so I started White History Month 1) to show my appreciation 2) to encourage white people to stand up and speak up, and 3) to remind all generations of the history of America. Where we’ve come from, and the love that is in this country that came from God, that comes from God.”

To sit back and allow U.S. history to “disappear” would be a huge mistake, Peterson argued.

So we just need to remind folks how great this country is,” he said. “Evil is working through these people to destroy good…we’ve got to stand up.

In the new film, “Uncle Tom: An Oral History of the American Black Conservative,” Peterson describes how he did a political 180 in his life. He had constantly been told that white people were holding him back by the likes of Jesse Jackson, but he began to question why, if that were true, Jackson and NAACP leadership were getting ahead. “That’s when I realized I’d been lied to,” he says in the film.

Author : Leah Barkoukis

Source : Town Hall : What Black Radio Host Wants Celebrated in July