When Woke And Racists Actually Agree On Everything


Comedian Ryan Long released a now viral video with Danny Polishchuk called “When Wokes and Racists Actually Agree on Everything,” poking fun at the nation’s unfolding debates on race.

The video, which currently has over 59,000 views on YouTube, was endorsed by stand up comedian Bill Burr, who retweeted the video.

“Perfect,” he wrote.

The video depicts two friends, Brad and Chad, one “woke” and one “racist,” agreeing on very fundamental parts of their ideologies.

“Your racial identity is the most important thing. Everything should be looked at through the lens of race,” the men say before one of them jinxes another.

Whether it’s about privilege, interracial dating, discrimination, segregation of cultures and arts, appropriation, the two men appear to agree on pretty much everything.

“We both have a lot of opinions about people of color,” one of the men quips while the other nods in agreement.

The end of the video shows the “woke” character claiming that the only disagreement between the two is that one believes “white people are the root of all evil.” The two eventually resolve the tension by agreeing that Jews should be the subject of their wrath.

“Technically I don’t consider Jewish people white,” the “woke” character says.

“Neither do I!” the “racist” character interrupts.

Just last month, Long joined Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how wokeness and cancel culture are affecting comedy. In Long’s opinion, the left’s agenda has severely hindered real change from coming forth.

“It’s all about muddying the waters, making everything intersectional, and putting them at the forefront of whatever the movement is,” Long said.

Author : Jordan Davidson

Source : The Federa List : Hilarious Viral Video Calls Out Hypocrisy In ‘Woke’ Movement