Who Most American’s Blame for Putin’s Invasion?


The Left has spoken out. They claim that Donald Trump was in Vladimir Putin’s hip pocket. This is despite the fact the evidence of Russian collusion has been discredited. Many polls have shown that Americans do not believe this. Instead, they point fingers at Old Joe Biden to excuse his mistakes.

Newsweek reported Monday that Americans are more critical than ever of President Joe Biden’s support for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. They will punish Democrats this November.


Newsweek reports that Russia’s attack on Ukraine could have an effect on the 2022 election. 36% responded that they were more likely to vote Republican, 24% answered that they were more inclined to vote Democrat and 31% said it wouldn’t. Due to Biden’s handling of Ukraine, 31% stated that they are more likely to vote Democrat now.

These are all excellent reasons. Dritan Nsho, the chief pollster at HarrisX and the CEO, stated that voters believe that Biden showed weakness to Putin by slowing the rollout of economic sanctions. This would indicate that Democrats will be punished by voters, especially independents, for not taking practical steps and slowing down.

Biden does not project strength and has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be the leader of the G7 Summit in 2020. Biden responded, “I’m not going to answer Afghanistan now,” to questions about his handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden was given the list by who? Who said it was impossible to answer any questions?

Trump was an entirely different person. He said that he had given Putin an ultimatum while he was President: “If I move against Ukraine while you’re president, I will strike Moscow.” Trump replied, “No,” and added, “All those beautiful, golden turrets. ”

Was this really what happened? Is Putin trying to invade Ukraine and other countries while Trump is President?

HarrisX’s poll revealed more bad news about Biden’s handlers. “The HarrisX poll showed more bad news for Biden’s handlers.

However, Biden’s handlers won’t change their mind. They don’t know how to help Americans.