Why An ESPN Writer Was Troubled By American Flags At The Tokyo Olympics

Matt VespaJuly 28, 20214min

Even during the Olympics there will be obnoxious people. The 2018 Winter Olympics saw the press be extra cozy towards North Korea, specifically Kim Jong-un’s sister. This is a gruesome twosome, folks. you all know that. They’re murderous siblings, but Trump—at the time—was soft on autocrats or something. Now, as the Summer Olympics in Tokyo is underway, ESPN writer William Rhoden said he was triggered by the sight of the American flags at the event. Why? Well, it brought up the January 6 riot. I’m not kidding. That’s where the mind ventured here? Talk about finding a way to be miserable. Literally, no one cares about that at the Olympics—no one. Only the most left-wing and Trump-deranged fool would ever connect the two, but here we are (via Fox News):

An ESPN sportswriter said Monday he couldn’t enjoy the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics because the presence of the American flag reminded him of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and the “rise of white nationalism.”

Liberal “Undefeated” scribe William Rhoden said on “CBS This Morning” that he had enjoyed covering the Olympics during his long career but felt differently in 2021.

“I love the opening ceremonies, march of countries. Then I realized, you know, man, particularly after these last four years, I had it wrong. Nationalism is not good. We’ve seen the rise of white nationalism. Nationalism is not good,” he said in a clip flagged by NewsBusters. “And also, this whole idea — I keep thinking back on the Capitol riots, and I saw a lot of, you know, U.S. flags.”

Okay, so what should we have done? Have white flags of surrender waving? What are we…French? It speaks to the Left’s anti-Americanism. The addiction they have in reminding us, normal Americans, that we should be ashamed of our country. We’re not. Nationalism is good, Bill. There is nothing wrong with national pride. A great many nations exhibit that, especially in Asia, which also carry ethno-nationalistic undertones. Deal with it.

As the January 6 committee kicks off today, it’s just painfully obvious he also wanted to remind sports viewers of the riot again. Again, a sign that no one cares about January 6. We’ve all moved on to better things in life. We’re all dealing with matters that impact us much closer to home, like stagnant job creation, rising inflation, and the spike in violent crime. In a crime-ridden city, who cares about a riot on Capitol Hill that made the sheltered political class scared? Liberals are not the majority. They never will be being pro-crime is not popular and neither is a lifestyle that’s soaked in total misery. If they care a lot about an issue, chances are it’s not popular. They have the right to voice these things, sure, but when it gets into ‘woke’ nonsense, mute the television, or simply ignore them. And if it’s segments trashing the flag and this great country, definitely switch it off.

Author : Matt Vespa

Source : Town Hall : Why an ESPN Writer Was Troubled by American Flags at the Tokyo Olympics. Prepare to Roll Your Eyes.