Why Did Biden Kill The 1776 Project?


Ok, looking for a simple answer here. in his first day as President, Biden with the almighty pen, did away with thousands of American jobs, which will also result in America being dependant on Middle East oil again, in the middle of a pandemic he has done away with the deportation of illegal immigrants making America less safe.

However the simple answer I am looking for is what was the purpose of doing away with the 1776 Commission? This was the group working to assure our youth are taught true American history rather than the false, distorted history of the 1619 project. Done on his first day in office, it was that important to stifle American history. That was an indication of where America is headed.

Now here we have Antifa on the rampage destroying Portland again and not a peep from the President or other Democrats. Are these not domestic terrorists? That’s all we heard from the Dems and the media since the 6th now all of a sudden they are silent. Just hours after signing a mandatory mask order for all those on federal property we see the President at the Lincoln memorial without a mask, just a reminder, rules are for you not them, get use to it.

With all the issues facing America Congress finds the time to impeach former President Trump. Hard fact, impeachment means removal and you cannot remove someone who isn’t there, it’s illegal and a waste of time and resources, we all need to contact the Senate and demand they dismiss any impeachment charge presented to them.

We also need to remind them that the Republican Party is the party of America First and we expect them to do all in their power to protect and promote that agenda. That is what 74 million of us voted for and in an effort to further that cause anyone in Congress who doesn’t support that will be voted out of office, the time is now to clean up the Republican Party.

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Author : Frank Lovell

Source : Conservative Daily News : Why Did Biden Kill the 1776 Project?