Why Did CNN Stop Reporting On This?


CNN claims that the worst news is the one from another network.

That’s at least how it was before Jeff Zucker, former CNN chief executive, was fired ostensibly for a sex crime and (probably actually) because of the network’s declining ratings.

The evil existence of Fox News has suddenly become a minor story.

It is difficult to determine if the change is more fun than it is sad. Perhaps you’ll be able to tell me by the end of this column.

Although I don’t want to mention a Mediaite Report, I do like and respect my readers. But today they have the juicy stuff.

Mediaite reports that there has been an editorial shift, according to transcripts. This is a result of Jeff Zucker’s departure from CNN on February 2.

CNN mentioned Fox on average 100 times per week in January. In February, however, the average number “Fox” mentions dropped by two-thirds to 34. Average daily mentions of Fox were approximately 13 to 2 per day between Jan. 1 and Feb. 2, with an average of 5 per day since.

A typical Stelter: Fox bad and Trump bad. Both are probably racist due to words about a kind old black man.

This fight is not for me. I don’t watch Fox or CNN. In fact, I don’t even watch TV news. It’s not a good medium to convey important information. Television “news” is all about sensationalism, as Stetler and others have repeatedly demonstrated.

Television news is not real; it is information.

However, I am deeply interested in the indefensible infotainment sector.

Mediaite is Mediaite so you can’t go wrong with gems such as this one.

CNN has struggled to provide effective coverage of Fox News. Many opinion hosts on Fox News echoed Trump’s conspiracy theories and political rhetoric during the Donald Trump presidency. Many of them even played an informal advisory role to Trump.

Fox did sometimes for Trump what all the mainstream media does to any Democrat other than Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema.

The reason CNN changed its editorial policy is even more rich and galling.

How can a rival network report on the political rhetoric of competition without promoting it? CNN’s Tucker Carlson comments are often covered on a regular basis. Soon, many viewers will tune in to Fox News at 8 p.m. for Tucker Carlson’s commentary. A recent Nielsen/MRI poll found that Tucker Carlson Tonight is viewed more by young Democrats than any other program.

Did you see that? Fox has so many viewers because CNN (which Fox has been trouncing for years) sent them there.

CNN is too popular, so I doubt anyone watches it anymore.

It sounded even funnier in the original Berra.

You and I don’t know anything about CNN, or the network’s decision not to be as harsh on Fox.

We can only guess.

I’m sure you won’t mind me sharing my guess.

Perhaps someone at CNN realized that Fox has a larger audience. Zucker made CNN the All-Trump/All-Fox Panic Porn Network, but that routine doesn’t seem to be working for two reasons.

One: Orange Man Bad has now become Orange Man Gone. In the year that Trump was out of office, CNN ratings plummeted 90%.

Two: What if Fox began reporting on CNN in the same way that CNN reported on Fox News?

They would have endless stories repeated ad nauseam about sexual assault (Chris Cuomo), inappropriate relationships with staffers (Zucker), infighting between ex-employees [Cuomo] over tens to millions of dollars, on-air talent (Cuomo), colluding Avec Andrew Cuomo), suspected sexual predators (producers John Griffin, Rick Saleeby), an almost non-existent viewing audience, a reputational collapse.

If Fox was half as disreputable and CNN claimed 100 times per week — or used the claim to — Fox would be the CNN Scandal for the Moment Network.

Given CNN’s current situation (naked, prone, and wearing a ballgag), who can blame them?

Fox has been very restrained in its coverage of CNN.

CNN would not be in such terrible shape if they had been more careful about everything else.

Is it funny? Is it just ridiculous?