Why Did Hunter Biden’s Laptop Contain Defense Department Encryption Keys?


Hunter Biden is Old Joe Biden’s heir obviously.  He has done a lot of things but has never been known to have served in the Department of Defense. So why does his infamous laptop contain, on top of everything else that is incriminating on it, Defense Department encryption keys that are not available to private citizens? Sam Faddis was a former CIA Operations Officer and served as a CIA operation officer in the Near East, South Asia, and the Middle East.

How did Hunter Biden have these encryption keys?

We will never know because Hunter Biden is so closely connected to his family, friends, and associates at all levels of government. Some keys can be kept for up to 20 years. Hunter Biden should not have these keys.

These connections remain in power and have shown that they are more interested in Hunter’s encryption keys than Hunter’s source.

The scheme was designed to prevent different information from being published. Faddis reports Maxey’s IT advisor Maxey suggested that Hunter could create throwaway email addresses on DOD servers and route personal and business communications through these servers to avoid detection.

Reports claim that Clinton wanted certain communications to remain confidential. Could Hunter Biden be trying to conceal something? Faddis stated that Hunter’s laptop had been in the FBI’s possession “since well before 2020.”  Why isn’t this surprising?

Victor Davis Hanson stated that the FBI had lost all credibility as an investigation agency in November 2021.

Will we ever find out why Hunter Biden had Defense Department encryption keys on his laptop? Probably not, at least anytime soon. The people who should be investigating him impartially are for the most part politically compromised and hyper-partisan themselves. But this revelation is just one more indication of how broad and deep the corruption is in Washington. If this corrupt cabal is swept out in 2022, we may have a chance of finding out just how corrupt it really has been.