Women’s March Leader Tamika Mallory Defends Rep. Omar After Accusations of Anti-Semitism

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Women’s March co-founder Tamika Mallory defended Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar in a Twitter thread Tuesday, responding to the backlash Omar faced earlier this week.

Omar has faced accusations of anti-Semitism after she alleged the pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) buys pro-Israel support from American politicians in a tweet Sunday night. She was widely condemned from both sides of the aisle including from Democratic Party leadership and from President Donald Trump. . Trump has called on her to step down.

Mallory’s Twitter thread began, “I can’t sit back silently as a Black woman and watch the attacks on @IlhanMN. I am sick and tired of watching Black and Brown women be used as scapegoats for white nationalism. Enough is a DAMN-NOUGH. We must all speak up and speak out.”

She then turned her attention to Trump, tweeting that, “Trump has the nerve to be telling anyone to resign. He is a racist, abuser, colluding with foreign countries, alleged corruption, stripping LGBTQIA ppl of rights, caging babies, targeting the undocumented, banning Muslims. He needs to take several seats & look in the DAMN MIRROR.”

We all have much to learn about all forms of racism. But if we keep going down this route by trying to destroy progressive women of color meanwhile giving a pass to white supremacy we will not be able to build a nation for all of us and win in 2020. We can’t allow this to go on,” her thread concluded. “I will stand with Ilhan, they will not break us. No matter what they try to do we will stand bolder, stronger and more determined.

Mallory has had her own battles with accusations of anti-Semitism. She and some of her colleagues at the Women’s March were accused of pushing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories at their first meeting years ago.

She also has been asked about her relationship with Louis Farrakhan, but Mallory refused to condemn the Nation of Islam leader in an appearance on “The View” last month.

Author : Mike Brest

Source : Daily Caller : Women’s March Leader Tamika Mallory Defends Rep. Omar After Accusations Of Anti-Semitism