YouTuber Questions Joe Biden’s Bigotry Of Low Expectations


Joe Biden talks about systemic racism a lot. Whether or not he knows what those words mean is up for debate. Also up for debate is whether Biden understands any of the other words coming out of his mouth. Some Americans, those of us with functioning eye sockets, question whether he knows where he is half the time. He’s an easily confused, discombobulated, pudding-brained old coot. But one who likes to talk about systemic racism. If you’re an institution in America, you have systemic racism, and Joe Biden is going to get it out of you. YouTuber Jay Shakur points out the systemic racism is actually coming from inside the house. The WHITE House, if you will.

It’s Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the probem.

It’s why Joe Biden can say things like “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.”
Yep, Biden said that. Though in his defense, he claims a black man made him say it.

He’s a typical white liberal. That’s why he can literally say black people think in a monolith. He literally said that, and he gets away with it.
Biden totally said that too.

That’s why Joe Biden can quite literally say without fear of reprimand that poor kids are just as smart and just as bright … as white kids. Insinuating what? Number one, all white kids are smart. Number two, insinuating anyone non-white is not smart.

Yeah, that’s another Bidenism. Also, Joe Biden doesn’t think minorities can use the internet. And while he agrees that black entrepreneurs have ideas that are just as good as whites, they can’t hire lawyers and accountants without Joe Biden’s help. And while I can’t confirm this, I believe the last time Biden got confused by who crapped in his underpants, it was in the situation room and he blamed Lloyd Austin.

Liberals, particularly the white ones, are fond of projecting their own faults onto other people. Systemic racism is just their latest example of doing so. But hey, at least Biden isn’t a jerk on Twitter.

Author : Louder With Crowder