Zelenskyy Offers Russian Soldiers a Chance to Surrender, Proclaiming Victory


Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Ukrainian President), predicted victory over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces in Ukraine. He offered Russian troops the opportunity to “survive” through surrendering.

“The 19th Day Of Our Resistance Is Over. Histories and war. We are still close to victory. Zelenskyy, according to his presidential office started the process for achieving peace in Ukraine. He noticed that the enemy was confused. He didn’t expect to meet stiff resistance.”

Zelenskyy said that “we take the trophies and use them to support Ukraine.” “Russian troops today supply equipment to our army. It’s not possible for them to imagine it.

He then addressed the Russian soldiers, urging them to surrender.

Zelenskyy warned that Russian conscripts were coming! “Russian officers! I know everything. ”

The president said, “Therefore, I offer you a choice. “I offer you a chance. I am giving you the chance to survive. ”

“If you surrender, I will treat your people like we treat ours with decency and respect, like human beings. ” “Choose! ”

He also spoke highly about the Russians, “who don’t stop trying to give the truth”, despite Putin’s crackdown on protests and journalists who disagree with his government narrative. Zelenskyy specifically mentioned the woman who interrupted Russia’s Channel One television broadcast. She brought a poster against war to the studio, and said “we must not allow this to happen”.

President Vladimir Putin warned that Russian military leaders would face trial for war crimes.

He said that the Russian military was responsible for war crimes. “Responsibility must be exercised for the occurrence of a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukrainian towns.

Zelenskyy briefly discussed the peace negotiations between Russian negotiators. He said that they seemed to be “pretty amazing.” ”

“Our delegation also worked together with this in negotiations towards the Russian party. He said it was pretty good, as I was told. But let’s wait. They will continue tomorrow.”