American Households Are Admitting Inflation is Hitting Them Hard

A Gallup poll released on Thursday showed that 45% of American households believe inflation is causing financial hardship. Ten percent of respondents reported “severe hardship” due to the increase in prices. The hardest hit are those within the lowest income brackets. 71% of households earning less than $40,000 per year reported that the recent price rises […]

Waukesha Killer Feels ‘Dehumanized’

The Waukesha killer wants America to know that he feels “dehumanized” for intentionally driving his car into Waukesha (Wisc). The left-wing terrorist Darrell Brooks Jr. attacked a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisc, killing six people and injuring another 62. Brooks (39) stated that she feels like an animal and is being made to feel guilty. Brooks was […]

More COVID-19 Restrictions Come With the Holiday Season

It’s cold outside! That can only be interpreted as insane COVID-19 restrictions! On Thursday, the White House will impose some new, draconian rules that target travelers and Americans entering the U.S. It will be a shock if it affects illegal immigration. New rules will require COVID testing and quarantining seven days after entry from a […]

McCarthy Could be the Next Speaker of the House

Kevin McCarthy will most likely be the next speaker of the House in 13 months. This is great news. Many conservatives trust the current House minority leader, who lost his chance at the speakership. This was before Rep. Paul Ryan offered to take the difficult role. However, some Republican congressmen are trying to leverage their influence […]

Federal Vaccine Mandate Changes

Although details are scarce, Presidentish Joe Biden is said to have suspended his mandate for federal workers to get vaccines. A memo from the Biden administration states that the White House’s Office of Management and Budget told federal agencies to wait until after the holidays before suspending or firing federal employees for not following the vaccine […]

Dems Know That They’re Screwed

The political problems of the Democrats go beyond the embarrassing defeat in Virginia. Reports Politico. A new poll has shown that the Democrat brand has been eroded over the past ten-months. Third Way, a liberal group in suburban Virginia, spoke to focus groups. They found that their party is in serious trouble. Third Way and its […]