Dan Bongino Fires Up CPAC Crowd: Democrats Are Playing For Keeps And Conservatives Need To Act

Conservative radio host Dan Bongino fired up the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference and called for conservatives to take action. “Talk is great. The do matters,” the conservative commentator and former Secret Service agent told the CPAC crowd gathered in Orlando, Florida, on Friday night. "Talk is great, the do matters" @dbongino explains […]

The American People Are Identifying Trump Terrorists And Having Them Arrested

Federal law enforcement has been getting help from the American people in identifying Trump terrorists who attacked the Capitol. Malcolm Nance blasted the cops and former military who participated in the attack and talked about participating in photo panels to identify them. Video of Nance on MSNBC: Malcolm Nance calls out the former military and […]

Democrats Mock And Fume Over Golden Trump Statue At CPAC

Anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger spoke out against the golden statue of Trump brought into the CPAC conference. Kinzinger wrote on Twitter “Idol worship isn’t conservative” adding the hashtag “#RestoreOurGOP” Idol worship isn’t conservative. #RestoreOurGOP — Adam Kinzinger (@RepKinzinger) February 26, 2021 Former Trump advisor Catalina Lauf announced in a video she will challenge Kinzinger […]