Six Weeks, Six Cities, 600 Murders

The single most important domestic issue of our time is not the rising number of new people testing positive for COVID-19. Deaths have hit all-time lows. The single most important domestic issue of our time is not even the continued economic hardship of a nation that was artificially shut down and sent spiraling into a […]

White Couple Charged With Felony For Pulling Gun On Black Woman

A white couple has been arrested and charged with a felony after a video went viral showing a white woman pull a gun on a black woman. Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, from Clarkston, Michigan, were arrested and charged with felonious assault on Thursday, according to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office. The charge […]

Rachel Dolezal Claims BLM Has Vindicated Her

Rachel Dolezal, a woman of European ancestry who made headlines for claiming she is black, said the revitalized Black Lives Matter movement has “vindicated” her. “Overwhelmingly, most people I hear from are black or mixed or non-white in some way, and a lot of people have said, ‘This is your moment, you’re vindicated.’ I have […]

Rioters Tear Down Columbus And Toss Him Into The Harbor

Rioters in Baltimore on Saturday night pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus that former President Ronald Reagan helped unveil in 1984 – and then tossed the statue into the city’s Inner Harbor, according to reports. The statue had stood at the entrance to the city’s Little Italy neighborhood for 36 years, FOX 45 of […]

Highway Protester Dead After Run In With Car

A woman struck by a vehicle that drove onto a closed Seattle freeway early Saturday and plowed into a crowd of protesters has died, while a second woman remains in serious condition, officials said. Summer Taylor, 24, of Seattle, died Saturday evening at Harborview Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg said. She had arrived at […]

Never Trump Reps Plot To Give Dems Senate Majority

Never Trump super PAC the Lincoln Project and other anti-Trump Republicans continue to plot to not only take down President Donald Trump, but also the Senate Republican majority, according to a report released on Saturday. Never Trump Republicans believe that preventing a second term for Trump is insufficient, and that Senate Republicans must also pay […]

State Orders Flag Removed Before July 4th Celebration

On the eve of the Fourth of July, Virginia’s state government ordered a contractor to remove a massive American flag from the side of a new office building the contractor is erecting in Richmond. The state government expressed concerns about the “safety” of workers because “protesters” might view the American flag as a “target.” An […]

Epstein And ‘Madam’ Exchanged Big Bucks Over 5 Year Spread

Over the course of five years, deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged “Madam,” Ghislaine Maxwell, exchanged $20 million in financial attractions. CNN reported that the funds were discovered as federal prosecutors closed in on arresting Maxwell for her role in allegedly procuring underage girls for Epstein. The mysterious financial transactions “add a new […]

No, The French Revolution Was Not A Good Thing

Is America headed for a French-style revolution along the lines of the one in 1789? Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said as much in a tweet comparing Democrats to French revolutionaries. It appears the French Revolution has now come to the Democratic Party based on initial primary results from New York and Kentucky. If you had […]

How To Destroy America From Within

What would you do if you wanted to destroy America? The first thing you would do is take control of the education system and teach children that they are living in an evil country. Then you would undermine the police, the military, and law enforcement. You’d use every opportunity you can to divide people by […]

Media Describes Trump’s Rushmore Speech As ‘Dark’ And ‘Divisive’

After President Donald Trump delivered a forceful defense of American principles and ideals at Mount Rushmore ahead of the Fourth of July weekend, mainstream media outlets have characterized the president’s speech as divisive. Under the headline “At Mount Rushmore, Trump Digs Deeper Into Nation’s Divisions,” The Associated Press reports that the president “dug deeper into […]

Guards Protect MO Couple Who Stood Armed Against The BLM Mob

The St. Louis couple who pointed firearms at protesters beefed up the security of their home. Hundreds of protesters returned on Friday and surrounded the fence around the property of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who are personal injury lawyers, as more than a dozen men in casual clothing walked the grounds. Protesters stopped at the […]

Sports Commentator Rips Painting BLM On NBA Courts

This week, former NFL defensive end Marcellus Wiley, who attended Columbia University and now co-hosts Fox Sports’ “Speak for Yourself,” slammed the idea that the NBA will paint “Black Lives Matter” on courts where their games are played, asserting, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Wiley began, “It’s not a good idea. […]

Bolton’s Tell-All Memoir Coming Up On 1M Copies Sold

John Bolton’s new tell-all book about the Trump administration has sold more than 780,000 copies in its first week, making Bolton the latest former Trump administration official to cash in on a book bashing the president. Bolton’s book, The Room Where It Happened, is a negative take of the Trump administration during his 18 months […]

Herschel Quotes Bible ‘Why Are We Penalizing People For Ancestors Actions’

Former NFL running back Herschel Walker once again shared his thoughts on Twitter. On Thursday, Walker said that he was reading the Bible, and he quoted a verse from the book of Matthew talking about forgiveness. “I was reading the greatest book ever written, the Bible, and I read ‘But if you don’t forgive others, […]

What Black Radio Host wants Celebrated For Month Of July

Talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson is calling for July to be White History Month, urging Americans to stand up for the country’s greatness as leftists continue destroying statues and monuments across the U.S. “I’m looking at white people under attack and they’re afraid to stand up for themselves. And there’s no real appreciation in […]

Sheriff To Deputize Gun Owners If Protesters Get Out Of Control

A Florida sheriff announced in a video released Wednesday that he would deputize law-abiding gun owners in his county to respond to assist law enforcement if protests become too much for his sheriff’s deputies to handle. Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels released the three-minute video, in which he stood in front of a line of […]

NYT Cancels Rushmore: Native Land, KKK, Slaveholder Presidents

The New York Times has set its sights on Mount Rushmore as protesters demand the removal of historic monuments in the name of racial justice, citing its location on “Indigenous land,” the sculptor’s purported ties to white supremacy, and two of its subjects’ slave ownership. “Mount Rushmore was built on land that belonged to the […]

Rioters Destroy 120 Yr Old Statue In Portland

Rioters in Portland, Oregon, destroyed the historic 120-year-old “Thompson Elk Fountain” on Wednesday night near a federal courthouse. The rioters “ripped off wood boards protecting the building’s windows to use for firewood and barricades,” Fox News reported. “Protesters threw water bottles and other projectiles as police fired pepper balls and at least one flash-bang at […]

House Panel Roadblocks Trump’s Ability To Withdraw From Afghanistan

The House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday to put roadblocks on President Trump’s ability to withdraw from Afghanistan, including requiring an assessment on whether any country has offered incentives for the Taliban to attack U.S. and coalition troops. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) amendment, from Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.), would require several certifications before […]

Watch: Ben Carlson Calls BLM A Marxist Organization

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on the divide over policing in America. Watch the latest video at Author : Fox News Staff Source : Fox News : Ben Carson calls Black Lives Matter a ‘Marxist organization’

Media Report Rise In Covid Cases But Ignore Decline In Deaths

You’ve seen the headlines: Confirmed COVID-19 cases are up. But have you seen the other news? Deaths from the virus are down — way down. On June 27, there were 623 deaths attributed to COVID-19, according to Two days later, the death toll in the U.S. was 265. By comparison, 4,928 people died in […]

Driving Conservatives Underground

Cultural tyranny reigns in America, the last step before full-fledged political tyranny. Lurking beneath the surface of virtue-signaling leftists are tyrants seeking to exert their will over those they despise. The defining leftist culture enables them to ruthlessly use all the power at their disposal, both real and imagined, to enforce a single acceptable viewpoint […]

Top US Envoy To Iran: US Will Use Force To Stop Iran From Getting Nukes

U.S. Special Representative to Iran Brian Hook has warned against a lapse in an arms embargo against Iran, which is set to expire in October, warning that it could create an opening for the country to obtain a nuclear weapon. Hook, who is the special envoy under President Donald Trump’s administration, discussed the arms embargo […]

Spike Lee: ‘Them MF’ing Statues Need To Come The F**k Down’

Left-wing director Spike Lee has joined the effort to topple Confederate monuments, telling the Black List podcast that they all “need to come the “fuck” down. “Fuck that flag,” Lee told the podcast hosts, according to Variety. “That flag, to me, [makes me feel] the same way my Jewish brothers and sisters feel about the […]

Biden On Abortion: ‘Under Any Cirmcumstance’

In a statement praising the Supreme Court for striking down a Louisiana law requiring doctors who provide abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced his support for abortion “under any circumstance,” staking out an extreme position on the issue. Biden, once a self-proclaimed “pro-life Democrat” stood […]

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