University: Masculinity Causes Jihad Terrorism

The FBI last Wednesday released new details about the case of Faisal Mohammad, who in November 2015, while he was a freshman at the University of California, Merced, entered a classroom and stabbed four people. It was already known back at the time of the attack that young Mohammad was a jihadi: The College Fix […]

195 Million Chinese Students Are In School. Why Aren’t Our Kids?

Right now in China, 195 million students K-12 are learning in-person in Chinese public schools. Meanwhile, millions of American public school students are learning in a failed remote system that can’t even keep track of thousands of students who haven’t shown up for class all year. In 2018, 15-year-olds in dozens of countries participated in […]

5 Times Studies Proved Wikipedia’s Left-Wing Bias

Multiple academic studies and critical analyses of Wikipedia have pointed towards the site’s left-wing bias. The findings include its content being more left-leaning than Encyclopedia Britannica and left-leaning editors being more active and partisan than right-leaning editors. Left-wing outlets have been found to be the top-cited sources and represent most citations on articles about American […]

Vanderbilt’s Sarah Fuller Makes History By Becoming First Female To Play In Power 5 Game

The Vanderbilt Commodores football team made history in the second quarter against the Missouri Tigers on Saturday when kicker Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play on the field in a Power 5 college football game. Fuller kicked off to start the second half of Saturday’s game. Sarah Fuller becomes the first woman to […]

Ted Cruz Slams John Brennan’s Bizarre Outrage Over Assassination Of Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Sen. Ted Cruz slammed former CIA Director John Brennan for siding with “Iranian zealots” while “reflexively condemning Israel.” “It’s bizarre to see a former head of the CIA consistently side with Iranian zealots who chant ‘Death to America.’ And reflexively condemn Israel. Does Joe Biden agree?” The Texas Republican tweeted in response to Brennan calling […]

NYT Taken To Woodshed For Claiming Iran’s Nuclear Program Is Peaceful

The New York Times was summarily blasted on Saturday after the newspaper presented Iran’s nuclear program in a positive light. The Times’ posturing came after the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the Islamic country’s top nuclear scientist. The Times claimed that the nuclear ambitions of Iran — a state-sponsor of terrorism, according to the State Department […]

It’s Ok To Be Thankful For The 2020 Dumpster Fire

Being thankful for a dumpster fire seems like a weird thing. And if I’m being honest, I don’t suppose it’s the actual shinola of 2020 that I’m thankful for. It’s what that shinola provided. Think of all the things that have been stripped away during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve missed out on hometown sports and […]

Major Shift At Supreme Court On Covid-19 Orders

The Supreme Court signaled a major shift in its approach to coronavirus-related restrictions late Wednesday, voting 5-4 to bar New York state from reimposing limits on religious gatherings. The emergency rulings, issued just before midnight, were the first significant indication of a rightward shift in the court since President Donald Trump’s newest appointee — Justice […]

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Wears Black Lives Matter Jackets To International Match

The U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) wore Black Lives Matter Jackets to their international friendly match against the Netherlands on Friday. In a message posted before the game, USWNT star Alex Morgan said the team chose to wear the jackets as a way to “affirm human decency,” and as a stand against “racial injustice and […]

US Closes 10 Military Bases In Afghanistan As Part Of Withdrawal

The United States has closed at least 10 of its military bases in Afghanistan since reaching an agreement with the Taliban last February, as part of its ongoing withdrawal from the country, The Washington Post reports. Officials from the U.S. and Afghanistan confirmed that the bases have closed as part of the withdrawal agreement, though […]

Trump Appointed Judge Rejects Trump Campaigns Appeal In PA

A panel of three Republican-appointed federal judges on Friday rejected an appeal from the Trump campaign to block the state of Pennsylvania from certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election. Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy,” said Judge Stephanos Bibas, who was appointed to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals by […]

Amazon’s Alexa Accused Of Giving Anti-Semitic Answers

Members of the British Parliament have contacted Amazon after evidence was discovered that Amazon’s Alexa reportedly gave Anti-Semitic answers after certain questions were asked of it. One question fired at Alexa, “Do Jews control the media?” received the reply, “Here’s something I found from the article, Jew Watch, on Wikipedia: Jew Watch claims that Jews […]

Janice Dean Is Continuing To Fight After Cuomo’s Disastrous Nursing Home Mandate

Fox News’ senior meteorologist Janice Dean spoke to the Daily Caller about Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who issued a nursing home COVID-19 order that she says resulted in the death of both her in-laws. Dean lost her in-laws after Cuomo’s March 25 order requiring nursing homes to accept positive COVID-19 patients. The Democratic […]

Rep. David Valadao Unseats Democrat T.J. Cox In California

Republican David Valadao has defeated incumbent Rep. T.J. Cox (D-CA) in the close race for California’s 21st congressional district, according to Decision Desk. Decision Desk HQ Projects @dgvaladao (R) Has Won In CA-21 Race Called At 11-25 11:00 PM EST All Results: — Decision Desk HQ (@DecisionDeskHQ) November 26, 2020 Valadao avenged his loss […]

Case Against Michael Flynn Was Completely Overblown

The case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn was “completely overblown,” but when classified information was made publicly available, it exposed the “whole Russian collusion hoax” that had been staged against President Donald Trump, Richard Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence, said on Newsmax TV Thursday. “Once last summer started, with the […]

Trump Ponders More Pardons After Flynn

President Trump may have shunned the convention of delivering a concession speech and kept largely out of the public eye since his election defeat, but he does plan to follow one tradition of a departing president. Aides are drawing up proposals for a string of pardons before he leaves office. One, former national security adviser […]

State Rep. Steps Down Only Three Weeks After Winning Reelection

Republican Indiana Rep. Christy Stutzman announced Tuesday that she is resigning from her seat only three weeks after winning reelection, according to The Washington Times. Stutzman wrote in a statement that she would be stepping down from the Indiana House seat effective December 14th, according to The Washington Times. Her decision to resign was due […]

For Anti-Racism, San Diego Schools Will Teach Black, Hispanic Kids Less

During his successful run for the presidency in 2000, George W. Bush warned against “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” Then-candidate Bush delivered his remarks at the 91st annual meeting of the NAACP on July 10, 2000. Bush added, “A great movement of education reform has begun in this country built on clear principles: to […]

Portland’s BLM Activists Say They’re Done With White Antifa and Want Separation

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports Wednesday that black members of Portland’s Black Lives Matter movement are tired of their anti-racism demonstrations being hijacked by the mostly white “Antifa” anarchists and are working to separate the two movements as protests continue. “Tensions between Black activists fighting for racial justice and anti-establishment protesters have bubbled beneath the surface […]

University Republicans Threaten Discrimination Lawsuit

The University of Washington College Republicans club threatened a discrimination lawsuit on Saturday after a bar told them they could not host a celebration of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation there because of its political nature. They titled the event at Shultzy’s bar “Beers 4 Brett,” and the description of the event was, “Let’s celebrate our newest […]

What You Need To Know About Trump’s Latest Drug Pricing Moves

On Friday, President Trump appeared at a White House news conference to discuss several health care proposals. Here’s what you need to know about the administration’s executive actions and their implications. What actions did the administration announce? The two biggest proposals announced by the Department of Health and Human Services on Friday involve drug pricing. […]

Facebook Used Secret Internal Ranking Of News Sites To Suppress Right-Wing Sources After Election

Facebook reportedly made an “emergency change” to its algorithm post-election to tamp down on news and posts from some sites and pages, identified by The New York Times as mostly right-leaning sources, from spreading what the platform deemed to be “election misinformation.” The result was the promotion of legacy media content and the suppression of […]

Carville: Investigations Into Trump Can’t Be Stopped – They Have Momentum

Former lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign James Carville said Monday on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” the investigations, including those by the Manhattan district attorney, the New York State Attorney General and the Southern District of New York into President Donald Trump could not be stopped. Williams said, “Where do you come down […]

Newt On Politics, Voter Fraud, And Thanksgiving

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich joined host Ben Domenech to discuss the importance of the Mayflower Compact in 1620 and how the Pilgrims shaped liberty and rights in America today. “They ultimately defined the uniqueness that our rights come from God,” Gingrich said. “Government is, […]

Secret Service Preparing For Trump Move To Florida

Despite President Donald Trump’s insistence that he will not concede the election, Secret Service agents are now being asked if they’re interested in transferring to Palm Beach, Florida — the site of his official residence, the Mar-a-Lago resort. ABC News noted the Miami field office for the Secret Service has sought out interest in a […]

Nearly 20 Million Concealed Carry Permit Holders In USA

There are nearly 20 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States and perhaps untold millions more who carry every day in the 16 states that don’t require such permits. The NRA-ILA reported figures from the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) showing there are over 19.48 million concealed carry permit holders in the USA, […]

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