AOC Dunks Face In Cold Water To Relieve Stress

When you feel like everything is falling apart and there is no way out, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (also known as AOC), a progressive hero, steps in.

We thank the Lord for her.

It seems like her role as “The Squad’s face” and advocating progressive policies is draining the energy of her to be a force in Washington.

Some people might wonder how stressful it could be to be the belle of Congressional Ball. It’s been a little more than a month since AOC went to Florida to party.

Just some small details.

However, the social media star admitted to feeling stressed lately. Riley, Alexandria’s boyfriend, stated that they had read that dunking your face in ice-cold water can help you reset your stress levels, so they decided to video her dunking her face in ice-cold water.

Yup, To Relax!

Her video is less than admirable because her beau cheered her on saying “Good job!” Good job! Her face is submerged. This is not Harry and Meghan. They are a strong couple that we all admire. Alexandria’s dog watches while she dunks her face, very unimpressed.

She’s stressed and I can understand why. Her only accomplishment was defeating a tired white man at a primary.

Although they may not be liked by everyone, I must say that I love them. I find it strangely comforting. I don’t even know why, but it is.

Maybe all the Squad could take a bath in cold water to relieve stress. I read this somewhere.

Let’s hope this new method of submerging radiant mugs in ice-cold water helps you relax, AOC. You and your crew might be argued to be the captains on the ship that soon hits the massive mountain of electoral ice.

AOC is a national treasure. These moments should be appreciated. She will soon leave Congress to raise money for a think tank and we won’t have her entertain us anymore.

These days are worth preserving, people.