Adam ShawOctober 1, 20204min
The Trump administration is preparing a series of immigration enforcement operations targeting illegal immigrants in at least three sanctuary jurisdictions, a source familiar with the operations told Fox News Tuesday. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operations will be in California, Denver and Philadelphia, and could potentially include other cities and jurisdictions across the country. […]

Adam ShawMay 28, 20207min
Did Campaign Donations Contribute New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who signed legislation granting hospital and nursing home executives immunity from lawsuits related to the novel coronavirus last month, previously received a big-money boost from a powerful health care industry group, according to a new report. An article published on the socialist website Jacobin, and re-published […]

Adam ShawMay 3, 20206min
A Republican congressman on Friday introduced a bill to investigate the World Health Organization (WHO) for not only its response to the coronavirus but other alleged “systemic failures” in prior outbreaks — the latest sign of growing U.S. pressure on the embattled U.N. organization. “COVID-19 has killed tens of thousands of Americans and has caused […]

Adam ShawMay 3, 20208min
The New York Times on Saturday called for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to investigate the sexual-assault claims against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden — a day after he denied the allegations for the first time. “As is so often the case in such situations, it is all but impossible to be certain of the […]

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