Ashe SchowMarch 2, 20215min
The president of a California teachers union is under fire after video surfaced of him taking his two-year-old daughter to an in-person preschool. Berkeley Federation of Teachers President Matt Meyer has been advocating for a “gold standard” that says schools in Berkeley, California, cannot reopen until all educators and district staff members have been vaccinated […]

Ashe SchowFebruary 21, 20214min
Only a small percent of President Joe Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package would actually go to pandemic-related efforts. Reason’s Peter Suderman reported this week that just 1% of the package would be spent on vaccines, with only 5% going toward “pandemic-related public health needs.” A full 15%, about $300 billion, is earmarked for […]

Ashe SchowJanuary 10, 202110min
Megacompany Apple is threatening to remove social networking service Parler from its App Store unless the company starts moderating its platform more harshly. Reuters reported that Parler, billed as an alternative to Twitter without the left-wing bias, received the letter from Apple Friday evening following Big Tech’s crackdown on President Donald Trump and his supporters. […]

Ashe SchowJanuary 1, 20214min
A U.K. activist who leads a Black Lives Matter-inspired political party has called for a “race offenders” registry — a national database of anyone “accused” or “charged” with racism. The registry would bar those on it from certain jobs and from living near people of color. Sasha Johnson, the activist calling for the registry, calls […]