Dave UrbanskiJuly 7, 20217min
Some dust got kicked up when video appeared to show some members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team with their backs turned on 98-year-old World War II veteran Pete DuPre while he played the national anthem on harmonica before the team’s Olympic send-off game against Mexico on Monday. But images apparently can be deceiving. […]

Dave UrbanskiJune 12, 20214min
Vice President Kamala Harris turned in yet another awkward interview performance Thursday as Univision anchor Ilia Calderón pressed her on what’s become the eternal question: When will she finally go to the border to witness the migrant crisis in person? “I’ve said I’m gonna go to the border,” a clearly flustered Harris told Calderón. “And […]

Dave UrbanskiMay 29, 20215min
An Oregon eighth-grade teacher was recorded on a Zoom video session warning fellow teachers they will be “fired” if they don’t “come to the light” and become “anti-racist.” Katherine Watkins — a humanities teacher at Cedar Park Middle School in the Beaverton School District — was decked out in what appeared to be African-inspired garb […]

Dave UrbanskiMay 22, 20215min
Precious cargo” indeed. Within the harrowing account of a U.S. Army trainee going AWOL from Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and hijacking a school bus full of children as young as kindergartners is the heroic bus driver’s recollection that his 18 young passengers played a very big role in everyone coming through the ordeal safely. The […]

Dave UrbanskiMarch 9, 20216min
Black Lives Matter militants harassed groups of young girls for their “white privilege” as they walked into a cheerleading competition in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday. As one group of cheerleaders crossed the street into the Kentucky International Convention Center, Carmen M. Jones spelled out a message for them as she spoke into a megaphone, […]

Dave UrbanskiFebruary 27, 20217min
Wenatchee High School in Washington state came up with a novel way to allow band members to practice their instruments while remaining socially distant in the battle against COVID-19 — placing the students inside individual tents, KCPQ-TV reported. School and health officials say they found a way for students to face the music during band […]