David NgJuly 13, 20214min
Sesame Street and First Lady Jill Biden have teamed up to bring identity politics into military families by helping parents discuss race and racism with their children and to develop kids’ sense of “racial literacy.” The new project, which is part of a diversity initiative co-organized by USAA, includes various online resources that instruct families […]

David NgJune 19, 20213min
The boyfriend of pop star and Joe Biden supporter has issued an apology for racist and homophobic social media posts just days after Eilish herself was embroiled in her own race scandal. Matthew Tyler Vorce, a budding actor, has apologized for using “hurtful” and “irresponsible” language but he didn’t elaborate on the nature of the […]

David NgJune 3, 20214min
Barack and Michelle Obama are creating a Netflix animated series designed to “reframe” how children think about government and civic engagement, with musical performances by artists including Adam Lambert, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Janelle Monáe. Netflix announced the ten-episode We the People is set to debut July 4. The Obamas, who have an ongoing production deal […]

David NgMarch 14, 20217min
Their love for New York’s governor was so strong that a new sexual orientation had to be invented — “Cuomosexual.” Now as Andrew Cuomo fights for his political life amid nursing home and sexual harassment scandals, Hollywood’s burning desire for the Democratic politician has grown cold and desolate. Celebrities including Chelsea Handler, Ellen DeGeneres, and […]

David NgFebruary 18, 202111min
Left-wing Hollywood celebrities wasted little time in popping the champagne following news of Rush Limbaugh’s death. As Breitbart News reported, the 70-year-old conservative radio legend died Wednesday morning following a battle with advanced lung cancer, his wife, Kathryn Limbaugh, announced at the beginning of Wednesday’s radio program. Ignoring any sense of taste or decorum, the […]

David NgFebruary 14, 202116min
Hollywood celebrities flew into a paroxysm of rage on Saturday after the Senate acquitted former president Donald Trump of inciting the Capitol Hill riots of January 6. Left-wing stars lashed out at the 43 Republicans who voted to acquit, calling them “traitors” and “fascists.” Anti-Trump celebrities including Alyssa Milano, Rob Reiner, Bette Midler, and Rosie […]

David NgOctober 22, 202020min
Hollywood star Kirstie Alley’s announcement that she is voting for President Donald Trump unleashed a firestorm of vitriol from the left against the Emmy-winning Cheers actress. But it also placed her in a growing list of celebrities who have been brave enough to publicly declare their support for the president. The list includes an Oscar-winning […]